Is it Safe to Buy Wine Online in Singapore?

Online shopping has become popular over the past few years in Singapore. A lot of people have become involved in this type of shopping because it is pretty convenient. After all, you just need a portable device that can be connected to the Internet and an Internet connection. After that, you know what must be done next. You can choose from a wide variety of wine stores in Singapore. Don’t worry as there are a lot to choose from. Some have been in the business for quite a long time like iShopChangi so they have a nice reputation. The next concern would be safety. Is it safe to buy wine online in Singapore?

What kind of wine do you like enjoying?

The first concern would be the website where you would type in your personal information. You would enter information that you would not want to share to anybody else, even your most trusted individuals. Thus, this is not the time to be not serious. The website must use encryption so your information won’t go to a third party. The last thing you would want to happen is for someone to use your credit card information and shop for things you don’t really need and make you pay for it. That has happened many times in the past so it won’t be a surprise for it to happen again. Hence, better read their terms and conditions as it must be stated there if they care about your privacy. Otherwise, better insist on cash on delivery. However, you will still enter your address but if there are guards before entering the subdivision then they should implement strict policies upon entry. The rider must leave behind an ID so that there is an assurance that the person would exit the premises.

Do you have any specific favorite wine brand?

The next order of business would be the person delivering the wine to your doorstep. If they are using a third party delivery service, better make sure they use a trusted provider. Also, when the name of the rider is revealed, you can double check the person for any incidents on the Internet. You can also check the background of the delivery service provider for any incidents that happened in the past. If you don’t see any, then you are completely safe.

A glass of wine aids in digestion.

If the wine company is popular, they will most likely have their own deliverer. That means that person can be trusted. Why would they risk their reputation on a single delivery transaction? The rider is not only safe but that person will ensure your wine will get to you on time. Besides, you may need it for an occasion you have been waiting for a long time. They will make sure it will arrive at your doorstep in mint condition. Also, be on the lookout for weird people who are trying to know your password while you are typing. Hence, better go to places that would give you privacy. Better avoid wine shopping at places where a lot of people can clearly see what you are doing.

25 thoughts on “Is it Safe to Buy Wine Online in Singapore?”

  1. Trusting a website, and what they will do with my information, is always a concern. I don’t drink wine, and I live in the States, so I would never have the need to buy it from Singapore. When I do cook with it, I just buy a cheap red wine for my recipes, from the local supermarket. haha

  2. I’ve never tasted or bought wine, but your article gives quite important details on online buying.

  3. There’s a lot to think about when you order any liquid item, really, especially if it comes in a glass container. Great things to think about here.

  4. Wow… Soo great, was wondering where u order some wine for my mum birthday party. You make my work so easy, thanks

  5. Thanks for sharing the info! To me I always check carefully the store owner before buying anything online, even it’s wine.
    If they do have an online business of course they will do things related such as packaging, delivery, etc. to adapt to the model. I don’t think it’s too much risky to buy from them with well-known reputation.

  6. Something I would have never thought about, but yes it is always best to think about the safety x

  7. I’ve ordered wine online and it comes by UPS of Fedex. I I’m in the US. You can never be too careful when you are adding your information to an online site. This is a good list of extra precautions to take.

  8. i have never thought about buying wine online as being a danger. it’s good to hear your recommendations so i am aware when buying wine even here in the States. thankfully most of my wine comes from the shop.

  9. I’ve ordered wine in the past from reputable dealers because it is probably the one way you can be assured you are getting a quality product. Anywhere else is taking a chance.

  10. These are some really good things to think about when ordering online. In my state in the US I don’t think I can order wine, but if they ever start allowing it I will keep these in mind. Especially about credit card privacy!

  11. I never considered buying wine online, even here in Canada! However, it’s good to know that should I ever visit Singapore, what I should be aware of when purchasing wine, particularly if ordering online.

  12. This article surely does make you think how easily online stores and delivery services can access your details for all of the wrong reasons! Finding a trusted supplier is often hard to find!

  13. Quite an interesting post and thanks for the wonderful tips, will keep them in mind. We don’t really buy wine online but that’s a nice topic to discuss about as well for those who do.

  14. I am only in Philippines are right but it is great to know that some can buy wine online. I will share this to a friend working in Singapore, she will absolutely love this.

  15. I have not tried buying wine online, but this information you shared is going to be useful, whether or not you live in Singapore. I think we should only buy it from trusted sites/sellers and make sure to disinfect the bottle before you bring it in your home.

  16. I always felt safe when I am in Singapore. I am not sure about their e-commerce though as I have never tried ordering wine while there as a visitor. But I have friends who live in Singapore who love wine.

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