My Dream Wedding Cake From Kabisera

I have attended several weddings before. It’s always an emotional event where two hearts meet. One thing I always look forward to is the wedding cake apart from the “I do” from the newlywed couple.

It was my brother’s wedding last October 16, 2017 and I was tasked to take care of the wedding cake. It was an easy decision to hand it over to Kabisera. Apart from being a Filipino restaurant, they also do specialty cakes for any occasions.

Mark Damian and Christine Casimiro-Damian’s wedding reception at Splendido Hotel, Tagaytay last October 16, 2017.

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I ordered a four-layer Bohemian inspired cake. During conceptualization, I wanted some fresh flowers and sparkling shimmering splendid on the cake. It gives some magical feeling to it don’t you think? Kidding aside, I just want it to be fresh and as simple as possible. I chose white as the base color, few fresh flowers and intricately crafted design on the cake.

The topper signifies a newly wed couple

Fresh blush pink and white roses with wax flowers were added on each layer to make it refreshing and blooming. The lemon vanilla layer was covered with fondant. It was later on accented with silver and gold edible pearls and sugar lace.

The design was inspired by a reverse Bohemian inspired chandelier.

I really love this wedding cake. I really want the same design but with different choice of flowers. It was really exquisite, royal and elegant. Thank you Kabisera for making my brother’s wedding extra special!

Bohemian inspired wedding cake

PS: Apart from wedding cakes, they also do fun cupcakes for souvenirs.

Everything is edible except for the stamens.

Kabisera is located at Unit 1 ELN Centro, Paninsingin, Tambo, Lipa City. They are open from 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM everyday. You can also contact them at (043) 7064405.

You can reach them through their social media pages:
Facebook: Kabisera Restaurant
Instagram: dinesakabisera

The verdict: It’s an ACE!

26 thoughts on “My Dream Wedding Cake From Kabisera”

  1. What a lovely wedding cake! My daughter is getting married next year and I look forward to helping the happy couple pick out a wedding cake that fits their style, taste and venue. Congratulations to your brother and his bride!

  2. When I got married, we had CUPCAKES. Have you ever heard of Sprinkles Cupcakes? Yeah, we had BLACK AND WHITE, VANILLA and STRAWBERRY cupcakes! Honestly, though, dessert was all on my husband because I can’t eat it. Needless to say, we had ZERO cupcakes leftover after our reception, ha!

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  4. Congrats on your brother’s wedding. The wedding cake looks fantastic and I bet it tastes awesome too. I have a great cake on my wedding, everybody talked about it for days later!

  5. The cake really looks too good to be eaten. A cake like this would really make an even extra special. Bring out the wine or champagne 🍾🍸🍾🍸

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