Refreshing Juices from Fruit Burst

Freshness in every sip take center stage as Fruit Burst comes your way. Fruit Burst introduces their latest lineup of different fruit drinks. They provide you refreshing drinks that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

The Fruit Burst with real fruit powder extracts boasts several unique refreshing alternative Filipino flavors to chose from:

Fruit Burst Flavors

Here are some of my favorite flavors:

Lychee is the perfect juice for a sunny day. I asked my friends to try it and they also had the same comments. They really like the right balance of sweetness of the juice. It’s surely a winner for all ages.

Blue Lemonade is the perfect juice to be paired with your afternoon snacks. You’ll never be blue on this juice as it will surely capture your heart.

Pineapple has always been one of my favorites. Their pineapple version did not disappoint. It’s always one of the best flavors for any occassion.

It is ideal for food service industry and restaurant businesses. To get your mornings started on a positive note, try Fruit Burst now!
The Tennis Foodie’s verdict: HIT

For orders, you may contact CPE Foods – Consolidated Packaging Enterprises.

Facebook: CPE FOODS – Consolidated Packaging Enterprises

25 thoughts on “Refreshing Juices from Fruit Burst”

  1. Reading this has made me crave fruit juice! Lychee sounds interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever tried them as a juice – thanks for the ideas!

  2. I love juice, and this sounds really interesting. I think my brother would enjoy this so would my grandfather. It reminds me of something they have in Colombia.

  3. Gotta try their fruit juices. Some of the flavors they offer are not in the market yet, to the best of my knowledge, Lol! But they must be competitive enough when it comes to pricing.

  4. Absolutely refreshing post! Love Lychees so I am sure I will like the lychee juice. I haven’t heard of this brand before though. They do have an interesting array of flavours.

  5. I never tried lychee juice. Today is a really hot day, a good time for juice. I`ll look for this brand at the grocery store.

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