5 Ways to be Healthier in 2019

We may make numerous resolutions and wishes for ourselves, especially as the New Year approaches. Still, health is one thing we tend to take for granted. When everything is okay, we only think of other things that would make us happier and fulfill our lives, and that’s the first mistake we make. Without our health, we are nothing, and once we feel something’s off, we instantly become oblivious to all other wishes and just wish to be healthy again. Therefore, let’s make health the number one priority in 2019 regardless of whether you’re facing a minor health issue, a larger one, or simply want to be more mindful about maintaining and enhancing your level of health.

Let’s make 2019 a healthier one!

The obvious first

You simply must put exercising as one of the items on your New Year’s resolution list. This is probably something you hear a lot, but there is a reason for it. Exercising has the power to boost your immune system, cardiovascular health, elevate your level of fitness, and it even has an immensely positive effect on your mood. That’s a whole package of benefits from just one activity. There are tons of amazing forms of exercise – yoga, Pilates, spin classes, group sports, and numerous others so just pick one that goes best with your personality and one that you will enjoy most, and keep your body in spick and span shape.

What’s your superfoods?

Mind what goes into your body

This one may be even more important than exercising. There is an inextricable link between the food we eat and the body we live in. Even such ancient medicines such as Ayurveda tell us that we should eat foods that are good for our dosha. When it comes to Western medicine, now we have superfoods at our disposal, as well as a number of great nutritionists who will be able to tell us which foods are good and which are bad for you in particular. We are all different, and all have silent food intolerances that we may not be even aware of. This is why paying a visit to a nutritionist is one of the best things you can do for your health – the better and more you-appropriate what you intake, the healthier you’ll be. For example, taking small doses of Delta-8 THC products daily as a natural supplement is said to have various positive properties. You can try finding delta 8 thc online as it could be a great choice for anyone who wants to consume cannabinoids safely and effectively. Some are already using cannabis or any type of cannabis derivative for their health and welfare. It can be a physical and mental pain reliever and it can calm someone down and keep them at peace with themselves. It’s also available in the form of cbd gummies wholesale should you wish to purchase it that way – you’ll never be short of ways in which CBD products can be consumed. It can be vaped, smoked, inhaled, ingested, there are even ointments and creams too. People find they can buy a variety of equipment to go with each of these methods, for example, a vape temperature chart would be needed to keep someone safe during its use. All in all, this medication is favourited amongst those with chronic pain and mental health but also people use it to supplement them for general health reasons as well.

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Take it seriously

If you have back or spine issues, you shouldn’t take these symptoms lightly. In most cases, spine problems shouldn’t be neglected, you need proper therapy and medication to alleviate your condition. However, the one thing you should never do is self-diagnose, especially when it comes to something as vital as the spine and the brain. To have that peace of mind, and just make sure that everything is, in fact, okay, make it a priority to have an MRI done, and pay a visit to the best neurosurgeon you can find. The incredible Timothy Steel is one of the most esteemed neuro and spine surgeons in the world, so if this kind of a consult is what you need, always go to someone like him, because as with everything regarding your health – you only want the best.

It’s alright to have fun but take it seriously!

It’s just once a year

Make sure you get a comprehensive full physical examination annually. This kind of checkup will give you an insight into virtually everything, from your blood, cholesterol and fat levels, iron, hormones – everything. Your heart and blood pressure will be checked as well as the brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, and thyroid – basically everything. Yes, it’s quite comprehensive, but you only have to do it once a year, and what is a little hassle compared to a year of peace?

The final checkup

Aside from needing our pearly whites white and healthy for aesthetic reasons, we also need them for a great deal of others. Namely, your oral health – or lack thereof, can be the culprit or the catalyst for numerous other conditions ranging from oral cancer and diabetes to serious heart issues. We know you probably dread the dentist – most people do, but it’s just something you simply have to get over in order to be healthier. After all, you don’t want to lose all your teeth due to neglect, let alone allow for your teeth and gum condition to cause mayhem in the rest of your body.

Okay, there they are, the most important five. Of course, there are other things you can do for your health, such as meditation, mastering the art of mindful living – all for the sake of good mental health. On top of that, if you’re dealing with something serious, never shy away from seeing a therapist – mental health is as important as physical, so never let that slip through your fingers.

Guest Post by Peter who is a travel editor at Men-Ual magazine. Beside blogging he worked as a travel journalist for many publications around UK & AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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  1. I really love this post. It’s important to take care of both your physical and your mental health. Too many of us forget the latter one.

  2. These are some great ways to be healthier in 2019. It is amazing all the different ways you can make small changes to help you be healthier over all.

  3. I am praying that all the “not so pleasant” experiences in 2018 will remain there – in the past. I have worn myself out that I feel it is about time to seek medical advice to help me manage stress. Once that is addressed, I know my physical health will be better.

  4. A great way to present a post related to health, I love the list of detox food you link in this post, Actually, I’m planning to experiment ketogenic diet to lose some weight what’s your recommendation for a person who want to lose weight in six months time period.

  5. It’s super important to take care of ourselves and try to be as healthy as possible. Having an annual full physical examination should be a must for everyone!

  6. It is so important to take care of yourself. I know that I am guilty of not going to get a physical/annual just because I don’t take the time to make the time to go. It is something I have definitely made a promise to myself to do this year.

  7. I really need to be more careful about what I eat and when I eat it. Such a great reminder post!

  8. These are some really good tips! I’m careful of what I eat and I love exercising!

  9. My dental insurance changed this past year so I was unable to see my normal dentist. Plus, with COVID, there were issues seeing them anyway. This has reminded me that I need to find a dentist that takes my insurance and get my cleaning scheduled!

  10. Exercise is key for me. I know I need to do more. I wish I had someone to exercise with- it makes a difference when you have someone else, it keeps you motivated

  11. Health tips never go out of style. I love that you included oral health. Many people forget that neglecting your oral health can cause many health issues.

  12. I feel like paying attention to what goes into my body is the most important!

  13. I am now quite conscious on what I drink. I switched up to warm and hot water from cold water and I’m seeing massive changes!

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