Chinese Fusion Cuisine at DaTang Venice

I happened to pass by a new Chinese restaurant at Venice Grand Canal Mall – DaTang Venice. I never knew that it was not just simply another Chinese food place but rather a modern take on it.

The name of the restaurant came from two syllables – “Da” which means Great, while “Tang” is for the Tang Dynasty. DaTang Venice was inspired by the dynasty’s golden age. A painting signifying the Tang Dynasty was also prominent in one of the walls of the restaurant. It was well ventilated and very well lighted.

One of the dining tables at DaTang Venice
Look at the perfect lighting and ambience

The Tennis Foodie team tried the following dishes during our visit:

We started off with appetizers and soup. We tried the Chinese Yam  & Ribs Soup. It includes red dates and wolfberry.

Chinese Yam & Ribs Soup
Seafood Salad

The Seafood Salad was one of my favorites during my visit. It is a combination of squid, mussel, octopus, tomatoes and five flavors sauce.

In the vegetables section of the menu, we tried the Sauteed Chayote with Cordia Seeds. It was really good. I never liked plain greens but this one makes the cut!

Sauteed Chayote with Cordia Seeds

Apart from these, we also tried the DaTang Deep Fried Chicken Wings and Dongpo Pork. The sweet garlic sauce in the chicken wings complement the perfect crispy texture. It was mouthwatering indeed! The Dongpo Pork was enclosed in a deep fried bao.

Dongpo Pork

It won’t be complete without a dessert. Candied Sweet Taro was served hot with sugar crystals on it. It was really a nice treat after a full meal.

Candied Sweet Taro

Apart from these good food finds, they also serve cocktails and drinks. We have tried three signature DaTang cocktails:

A Double Blessing: Jack Daniel, lemon juice and red wine
from L to R – Prosperously of Tang Dynasty, A Double Blessing and My Fair Princess

Prosperously of Tang Dynasty was made of vodka, kahlua, baileys, frangelico liqueur, milk, black tea, coffee and maple sugar. My Fair Princess was so refreshing! It’s composed of rum, strawberry, lemon juice, mint leaves and smoked salt.

My friends and I will definitely come back to this restaurant. Great lighting, well cooked meals and friendly staff. Special thanks to Jazmine Laboriante for making our gastronomic experience possible.

The Tennis Foodie Team with Jazmine
from L to R: Edmar, Chel, Majo, Emman and Jazmine

ACES: Sauteed Chayote with Cordia Seeds, Seafood Salad
HITS: My Fair Princess, Candied Sweet Taro

DaTang Venice is located at Ground Floor, Venice Grand Canal Mall, Taguig City, Philippines. They are open from 11 AM – 11 PM. You may contact them at (02) 845 2792.

Alternatively, you can contact them at their official social media accounts:

Facebook: Datang Venice
Instagram: datangvenice



40 thoughts on “Chinese Fusion Cuisine at DaTang Venice”

  1. I’m not particularly fond of Chinese food, but I think I would really enjoy the fusion cuisine. The drinks look so beautiful too!

  2. this food looks incredible. it’s seriously making me crave some chinese food right now. maybe we’ll get some for dinner! 🙂

  3. These sound delicious and are plated so gorgeously too! It must have been really cool to stumble across a restaurant and it turn out so yummy!

  4. Dining with friends sounds like a lovely evening! All of the food you showcased looks fresh and full of flavor. Hope to dine there soon!

  5. Fusion cuisine sounds like it is so interesting. I love to try new things so this would be so fun!

  6. These dishes look so delicious. I would love to visit and try the restaurant sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Da Tang Venice sounds like an awesome place to dine. I would love to try the Yam & Ribs Soup which sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing your amazing experience.

  8. The seafood salad looks delicious. I definitely wouldn’t mind to pair the salad up with the dongpo pork. I am hungry already just thinking about it.

  9. Not really a big fan of any Chinese dish, though those pictures look grand! Another one to include in my list of ‘must-visit’ whenever I get around Taguig city!

  10. Ooh! I wish they had one of these in the US. That Sauteed Chayote with Cordia Seeds looks amazing – and I may have to try to duplicate that My Fair Princess drink.

  11. Yay, I have a reason now to visit Venice Piazza again, it’s been awhile and I’ve been missing a lot. Which one is your favorite dish?

  12. I like everything mentioned in this post.Seems you all had great time with tasting Chinese food.I like to try Sauteed Chayote with Cordia Seeds

  13. I used to always pass by this resto when we still went to the office. Glad to hear that food is good — will consider dining in with officemates when things are back to normal!

  14. I love the restaurant’s ambiance. It looks so cozy! The yam and ribs soup looks delicious. I had something similar but it was ribs and lotus root instead of yam.

  15. Oh wow. That is some of the most creative food I’ve seen in a while. I would love to eat there one day.

  16. This meal makes me think that I need to broaden my exposure to Chinese food. Obviously, there is a lot that I am missing! I am very interested in those cocktails. I don’t drink alcohol anymore but both of these drinks seem very tasty and might convert well to mocktails.

  17. I love Venice and the restaurant looks superb. I loved the food detailing and the view is awesome!

  18. I just had Chinese food yesterday- pepper steak with fried rice was my main dish. Chinese food is our most commonly ordered takeout food.

  19. This looks like an interesting experience. The dessert is especially fascinating to me. That is likely because I have never tasted anything like it.

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