Dairy Delights from Pinkie’s Farm

Recently, I have stumbled upon all-natural milk from grass-fed cows through Lalamove. Pinkie’s Farm supplies local dairy products from their own farm. They have recently tied up with Old Swiss Inn at Makati as one of their hubs and other bazaars to showcase their FDA certified dairy products. They produce only pure nature’s goodness in every sip and bite.

Fresh Milk and Low Fat Milk (1 Liter Bottles)

The fresh milk that they supply is pasteurized but not homogenized meaning it is safe for consumption. It may separate into cream and low fat milk after a while but you just shake it and it will be back again to its milky appearance. Shake it off! Shake it off! Their milk does not contain added sugars. They usually don’t add artificial flavorings that may affect the taste and quality of the milk. The milk they supply can last up to 7 days. Better consume it while it is fresh! Their Fresh Milk is so good. I’ll give it an ACE while the Low Fat Milk is a HIT for me.

Fresh Yogurt

Their yogurt on the other hand starts as a live culture. They introduce the live and active cultures into the pasteurized milk and converts it into yogurt via fermentation. It usually last for two weeks. If you want to make your own yogurt, you may also use this as a starter. I suggest you can just buy at Pinkie’s as they have very tasty yogurt perfect for salads, cereals and even eat them as it is. It was so yummy! I have to give it an ACE. Also, I tired their flavored yogurts. My favorite would be the Strawberry Yogurt. It’s an ACE to me.

Apart from Old Swiss Inn, there are other hubs where you can get fresh Pinkie’s Farm dairy products:

  1. Bernas Center at 4F Ateneo Rockwell, Makati
  2. Mini Cooper Dealership, Autozentrum (near Molito) at Alabang
  3. 2F Leasing Office, 500 Shaw Mall, Mandaluyong
  4. Suzuki Dealership, N. Domingo, San Juan
  5. Ortigas Building, Ortigas Avenue near Meralco

If you can’t go on these specific hubs, your order can be delivered in Metro Manila via Lalamove. Payment is via bank deposit. If you live in any areas within their route, the delivery fee is free given that you have a minimum order of 360 pesos. Not bad huh? Delivery is MT and ThF.

Strawberry Yogurt

One thing I also love about Pinkie’s Farm is that they have a Dairy Habit Subscription Program where customers pay one month in advance and deliver it straight to their doorsteps. The subscribers are entitled for a discounted rates as new bottles are exchanged with the old bottles previously delivered to them. It’s not just beneficial for both parties but also for the environment. I really love how sturdy their glass bottles are. I even recycled the old bottles as water container. Isn’t it a good idea?

To know more about the brand, you may visit them at LICA Farm, Lipa City, Batangas. Alternatively, you may contact them at +639189999555 or at pinkiesfarm@gmail.com

You may also follow and like their social media accounts:

Facebook: Pinkie’s Farm
Instagram: @pinkiesfarm

22 thoughts on “Dairy Delights from Pinkie’s Farm”

  1. What a nice looking product they sell. Reminds me of the old milk delivery model from way back when. It’s great that don’t add sugars and that their product is fresh an natural.

  2. Honestly, the jars and bottles alone have intrigued me about this place! They are so, so cute!

  3. I like flavored yogurt drinks. I can probably chug the one in the picture in one sitting while watching TV.

  4. These all look delicious. Funnily enough lately I have been into yoghurt more than ice cream so these look like ones worth trying. Now, I wonder if they are available in the UK.

  5. The packaging on this product seems really nice. Almost like the old milk containers when they were glass.

  6. Oh that’s cool. Just like old times – fresh milk in bottles delivered to your doorstep. I need to check this out. Nothing so good as real milk!

  7. Fresh milk in a glass container takes me back to when I’d visit my grand parents. Their milk was always so good! The yogurt you described sounds very tasty! I’d love to try some!

  8. I love milk that comes right from the farm. It always has a creamier and better taste.

  9. This is great option, i’ve been looking for fresh milk coz my boyfriend loves it. I need to stock some this weekend!

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