Gelato Galore at The Loft Cafe

I happened to pass by Chinatown in my trip to Singapore last weekend. I found a very cozy, modern and chic hang out place called The Loft Cafe.

The secret passage to The Loft Cafe

The Loft Cafe is well ventilated and well lighted. It showcases different local paintings and art pieces from Singaporean artists. The restaurant offers a wide range of snacks, brunch, and salads to choose from. They also have pancakes & waffles and flat breads available for sharing.

One of the comfy couches
The Front Counter

One thing I want to highlight about my dining experience in The Loft Cafe is the dessert section especially the in-house gelato. As they say, there will always be more room for desserts.

Here are some of the best desserts I tried during my visit:

Itallian Cassata Gelato
Banana Brioche Gelato

They also offer coffee, teas and interesting drinks for you to choose from. I tried the Lake De Reve which contains fresh lychees. It’s definitely a hit and perfect for summer!

Lake De Reve

As they promised, it’s a cosy homely retreat filled with belly-comforting food. They also offer free wifi to all customers.

The Loft Cafe is located at 268A South Bridge Road, 058817, Chinatown, Singapore (2nd Floor of a Red Chinatown Shop house). You may contact them at 62212103.

You can reach them through their social media pages:
Facebook: The Loft Cafe SG
Instagram: theloftcafesg

The verdict: It’s an ACE!
The Tennis Foodie’s favorite: Banana Brioche & Italian Cassata Gelato and Lake De Reve.

27 thoughts on “Gelato Galore at The Loft Cafe”

  1. Though I haven’t been to this place I must admit that the pictures posted made me feel nothing short of the real experience. Scanning through the pictures almost had me being there and enjoying the delicacies especially desserts.

    Definitely a must visit joint for everybody including me. Let’s indulge into some real dining fellas!!

  2. looks like a simple counter with lots of good food 😀

    would be great if there can be a map to shortcut my journey to this gelato.. yummy

  3. I just recently fell in love with gelato. I got to try some freshly made in Rome and it was life-changing!

  4. Looks like a wonderful place to meet up with friends. Gelato makes me feel good inside, just the same way chocolate does! If ever I find myself in Singapore, I will make sure I visit the Loft Cafe.

  5. There is really a lovely array of temptingly delicious gelato. I think I would like to sample the Italian version if I were to visit the Lift Cafe.

  6. The Loft Cafe is a heaven for gelato. I also like their couch. I can imagine how comfortable and relaxing it is to just sit there, eat gelato and chat away with friends.

  7. I would love to visit the loft cafe for some gelato as you suggest. Seems like an interesting place to enjoy!

  8. I love the place – so inviting and cozy. What a nice place to enjoy luscious desserts! Have to remember to visit the place if and when I find myself traveling to Singapore!

  9. I would also try all these ice cream desserts, especially Pistaco and Banana Brioche Gelato. I adore desserts, thank you for sharing with us.
    Friendly greeting,

  10. I love gelato, we have a shop here which specializes in it and that’s our favourite place to chill out. The couch looks comfortable, great you enjoyed.

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