New Hangout Spot: Cube Coffee

Recently, I discovered a new coffee hangout place in Quezon City area. Cube Coffee features a very minimalist style and approach in serving your caffeine fix. With the comfy ambiance and friendly staff, you’ll surely feel at home at this establishment.

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I had the privilege to visit the store three times. Here are some of the items I tried during my visit:

New York Cheesecake

New York Cheesecake was one of the first desserts I have tried at Cube Coffee. I really love the texture of the cheesecake. It was also lite and yummy. It is perfectly paired with an iced cold latte or hot brewed coffee. My score? A HIT.

Caffe Latte as thirst quencher

Caffe Latte was the perfect energy booster for me. I had it iced and I paired it with my New York Cheesecake. My verdict? HIT!

Chrysanthemum Tea

Chrysanthemum Tea has to be my favorite in the menu. They added Goji Berry as a complement to the tea. It was so good and invigorating. I rate this as ACE.

Lemon Mint Coffee

I was really intrigued by the Lemon Mint Coffee. I had it iced since it was so hot recently. The lemon flavor added some refreshing twist to the coffee. I think it will be a good adjunct to rice meals or sandwich. My score? HIT.

Freshly brewed coffee and lemon cheesecake

The Lemon Cheesecake was so good. You can actually taste the zesty lemon flavor. Also, they added a mini candied lemon on top. It was so cute! My score? ACE!

COO Fruity Soda
Take away cups
Lavender Latte

Lavender Latte was also a HIT for me. This is the first time I tried lavender flower bits in an actual coffee. It was fragrant and sweet. It also added a slightly sharp flavor to the coffee. It was so good! It’s a nice and floral twist for your usual cup of Joe.

Macadamia Latte

Macadamia Latte was my most favorite drink. I had it iced and paired it with the daily free pastry in Cube Coffee. Yes! They give free small freshly baked pastries at their coffee shop. Even my little friends can’t resist the good small of the freshly baked goodie. Yummy! My score? Of course, an ACE!

I could really recommend Cube Coffee as a new hangout and study place especially for students near the area. It is very minimalist yet so fresh and comfortable looking shop. The quality of the desserts and hand crafted coffee are superb. You’ll truly come back for more!

PS: I have been here for more than three times already in just two weeks. I think I’l visit again this week.

To know more about the coffee shop, please visit them at Devour Food Hub, 1216 E.Rodriguez Brgy., Mariana, Quezon City, Philippines.

You can also follow their official social media pages:
Instagram: cubecoffeeph
Facebook: Cube Coffee PH

54 thoughts on “New Hangout Spot: Cube Coffee”

  1. The place and food is creative and unique I like the ice coffee I hope I will visit the resturant soon 🙂

  2. I’m not a coffee drinker but I love desserts! That cheesecake looks good, I want to try that too but I don’t think Cube Coffee is here in the south.

  3. Cube Coffee looks like a lovely place to visit. I like the variety of options they have and the decor looks lovely too.

  4. I wanna visit this coffee place! The Chrysanthemum Tea and Lavender Latte sound good (and fragrant!). Hahaha. I wanna try their lemon cheesecake too!

  5. I am caffeine addict so this is right up my alley! You described so many interesting flavors I’ve never heard of before. They sound delicious. Chrysanthemum Tea? Macadamia Latte? I’m sold. Sure wish there was a Cube Coffee in Boston!

  6. OMG this place sounds amazing. I love cheesecake so it sounds like somewhere I should visit. Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. I’d love to go visit. And cheesecake? Yes please, I haven’t had any for far too long!

  8. Wow! This place looks incredible and your photos breathtaking! Hopefully one day I can visit!

  9. Wow! This sounds like a fantastic place to visit. I am hungry and craving a great cup of coffee whilst reading this 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  10. So many things to love about the Philippines! It’s really beautiful out there! This is such a great place to eat while in Quezon City.

  11. Being a coffee and cheesecake lover, Cube Coffee sounds like my type of place to hangout. Lemon Mint Coffee and Lavender Latte are quite innovative options. And those cheesecakes look super delicious.

  12. Wow. It looks amazing! I hope I will able to visit your place kasi sobrang lapit lang. Love the dessert!

  13. Wow… 🤤 i love it.. It’s amazing.. I want to visit the place. I think they are look so delicious.. I want to taste it🤤.

  14. the place looks amazing and super cool. and as a coffee addict 😻😹 i really love and dying to try this fantastic coffee they have.. its like relaxing while drinking the best coffee in town.. Thanks for this blog.. KAKAGUTOM At KAKAUHAW talaga..hahaha

  15. Wow I love coffee and cheesecake! Gusto ko ma-try ang New York Cheesecake nila and ice coffee latte and Macadamia latte… hmmmmm

  16. Wow super nakaka amazed, kahit sa picture mo palang nakikita matatakm kana.😋😋😊

  17. Wow ang sarap po siguro ng Cheese Cake nila… New York cheese cake… Nakakatakam..itsura palang talagang masarap..

  18. Wow ang sarap. Cafe Latte sana ma try ko yan. Mahilig ako sa kape. Im sure magugustuhan din toh ng mga friends ko.

  19. Hmmm… I would love to try their cheesecakes and tea. Hope me and my friends can visit the place soon and who knows this could be a new hangout place for us.

  20. That sounds like my kind of cafe! Would love visiting this one. I am really fond of cheesecake and latte. What a superb combination, right?

  21. Sure looks like a nice, cozy place to enjoy coffee or tea… and a slice of that lemon cheesecake! OMG. That looks divine! I’d love to meet up with my friends there. Having been out of the house in a long time.

  22. I will visit any place that serves New York cheesecake! Now that you have made me aware I will plan a visit to cube coffee.

  23. I like the cozy feel of this coffee place you featured. I would love to give that Macadamia Latte a try. Looks really delicious!

  24. Yum! Everything looks so good and refreshing. I missed the Manila area on my last trip to the Philippines, but will definitely keep this in mind if I’m in the area next time.

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