True Phlavors – More Than Just Adobo Rice

True Phlavors has been serving yummy Filipino culinary delights in a Kamuning family dining atmosphere at considerably affordable prices. The Filipino-only menu and reliance on Filipino ingredients demonstrated its commitment in bringing artfully executed Pinoy cuisine out of the luxury hotel restaurants and into a more accessible venue to demonstrate to guests that Filipino food truly is world class. No need to travel further to other places in the Philippines just to eat your Pinoy favorites, True Phlavors have it!

Select from their different savory rice options. I chose Adobo Rice!

Located at Ground Floor, Victoria Towers, Timog cor. Panay, Quezon City, True Phlavors is committed to serve quality and fresh world-class Filipino food that will surely give you the best gastronomic experience. I had the privilege of having an exclusive interview with the owners of True Phlavors. Please see transcript below:

TF: What’s the concept behind your restaurant? Why is it called TruePhlavors?
TP: The concept is Uniquely Filipino.

What’s your favorite Filipino food?

TF: How did it start? Any inspirations?
TP: We gathered regional dishes for the younger generation who lives in the metro to try. A lot of kids these days are not familiar of regional dishes such as dinakdakan or kalderetang kambing.


TF: Who decides the content of the menu? Do you have specific menu for those with diet restrictions and food allergies?
TP: Our current menu are the best of the best. We started with a lot of dishes on the menu and some are kind of exotic hence the term “unique”. As we go on with our business, we gathered what suits our customer’s taste and followed their lead.

Chicken Wings Stuffed with Giniling

TF: What’s your Top 3 signature dishes?
TP: Our three signature dishes are Kare-Kare Grande, Dinakdakan and Sinampalukang Kambing. We also have new dishes such as Binagoongan, Humba and Gising-gising.

Kare-Kare Grande

TF: Is there any new dishes coming up in the next few months?
TP: We are currently brewing a different concept in connection with this. We’re not sure to have it integrated with True Phlavors but it is a plant-based menu for vegans and veggie lovers.

Ala Eh Bulalo

Thinking of where to order your favorites for Independence day celebration? Look no more! Check out True Phlavors’ menu and reserve your cravings now!

Here are The Tennis Foodie recommendations:
1. Dinakdakan – My most favorite dish in the menu. It was not too spicy. The texture was superb! If you love pork sisig, you’ll definitely enjoy this dish. This was an ACE for me.

2. Kare-Kare Grande was also one of my favorite. It uses real peanuts and it was cooked to perfection. It was coupled with hefty amounts of fresh vegetables and ox tripe that would definitely solve all your cravings! It was a HIT for me.

True Phlavors also sells their famous Kare-Kare Grande Sauce, Pinoy Spaghetti Sauce, Atsara and House Blend Bagoong Alamang.

To know more about the brand, follow their official social media pages:
Facebook: True Phlavors
Instagram: @truephlavors

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  1. great interview. well done. sadly i don’t see many photos to correlate with the dishes so as a foreigner it is hard to imagine them but thanks for sharing.

  2. I have to say that I have never tried Filipino dishes but the rice ones look delicious. It’s great that they are working on a plant-based menu for vegans and veggie lovers too.

  3. Rice is such a versatile food. You can pair it with anything. The menu looks delicious. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be able to get this kind of food where I live. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Everything looks really good! I wish they could deliver to south america haha Marked a a good place to eat when I visit Philippines!

  5. The food looks exotic. Though I was unable to understand the menu and the ingredients into it. Maybe you can post some pictures of the dishes to understand better. Just a small suggestion as a friend.

  6. Great restaurant review! I love how all of this menu looks like authentic Filipino food! Can’t wait to visit here next time im in the area!

  7. How appetizing! This looks absolutely scrumptious. My mouth is watering!

  8. These dishes look so good!! I have Filipino friends and they cook some of these all the time and the food is always so yummy.

  9. True Phlavors sounds like an amazing restaurant! The food looks so amazing. I’d love to try all their dishes.

  10. Although I might not understand the names of the dishes quoted in this post and on the menu, the food shots you have shared here certainly look extremely appetising. True Phlavors sounds like the place I want to eat when I’m in the neighbourhood and I love the sauces and other specials you can purchase there to experiment/use in your own cooking.

  11. I have never been to Philippines and hence never tasted any. The menu though looks exhaustive and some of the food pictures give a good idea of what to expect. The rice dishes would be my favorite though.

  12. What a fab place to visit and eat. I love rice based dishes so this is my kind of thing for sure x

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