5 Reasons to Start a Food Business in 2019

People don’t have to buy all the latest gadgets. They don’t have to go shopping every single day. But, what they absolutely must do is eat, right? In essence, the food industry will never turn sour. The real estate business is affected by great economic upheavals, banks by market crashes, etc. Yet, the food business is here to stay.

Moreover, with the rise in technology, it is now easier than ever to market your food business. In earlier times, you would need to wait for people to come to your restaurant physically in order to evaluate your food and give your food business a chance. With the delivery option made available, the speed of word-of-mouth marketing has increased significantly. Now you can simply get a website made by a reputed web design company (such as this Cardiff web design company) and begin your fruitful marketing journey. Of course, starting a food business is not that easy. There are many things you’ll need to consider before investing your money into the venture. For example, where will the premises be based and what will you call the eatery? Which type of insurance will you need and how much will that cost anually? How will you protect yourself using a Member Alert to Control High-Risk Merchants when taking payments? These are all things that you may not think about in the first instance.

If you’re still not convinced, make sure you check these five neat reasons why you should definitely start a food business in 2019.

1. The Vegan Revolution

Do you like burgers and fries?

Veganism is steadily increasing with no signs of actually slowing down. According to The Guardian, Britain’s vegan population rose from a mere 150,000 to 542,000 in a span of a decade.

Yet, what does this all have to do with business, you might ask?

Well, the vegan diet brings with it a lucrative niche market just waiting to be exploited. There are a number of vegan fast food stalls, restaurants, and food trucks already on the streets. Here you can get anything from a simple veggie-burger to plant-based meals and tofu.

Now, a good thing about the vegan diet (strictly from an entrepreneurial perspective) is that it makes for fairly good customers. Vegans are extremely passionate about what they do and do not eat – and they are not afraid to show it – making them ideal brand advocates. Consequently, your business will market itself, almost; a perfect opportunity for any budding entrepreneur.

2. Healthy Fast Food Alternatives

Healthy fast food almost seems like an oxymoron of sorts but, trust me, it’s not. It’s the exact same phenomenon as with the vegan revolution – people making extreme lifestyle changes. Only this time, it’s not so much about eating plant-based foods as it is about eating healthy and nutritious meals. This includes whole-grain foods, fresh fruit, smoothies, gluten-free food, lean meat, vitamin rich-foods, etc. As a result, we can go on to say that the practitioners of this food min-maxing mentality are extremely health-savvy.

Do you love plant-based foods?

Again, same as before, this presents a neat opportunity for entrepreneurs with vision; it’s basically an untapped well full of hungry consumers. Be the first one to drink from its refreshing waters!

3. More Efficient Supply Chains

Thanks to the advent of technology, starting a food business has never been simpler. In the past, running an efficient supply chain was an organizational and logistical nightmare. Luckily, today, with the help of retail buying groups and vendor management software, sorting inventory and getting supplies is like a walk in the park. This allows first-time entrepreneurs to focus primarily on their own business, instead of wasting time chasing suppliers and managing their inventories, indefinitely. Business software that saves time, streamlines workload, and boosts workflow is invaluable which is why so many people look to simplify their business’s accounting – visit ezlease.net to check out solutions available in this area.

In addition, as a member of a reputable buying and promotional group, you would also have the benefit of using their strong connections with key suppliers and manufacturers to fuel your business. Not to mention that you get someone who knows the very ins and outs of the food industry to support and guide you along your entrepreneurial journey.

4. Food Trucks

There’s yet another culinary trend looming on the horizon – food trucks. These small, mobile kitchens make for excellent outdoor restaurants. What’s more, they don’t require as much capital funding as traditional brick-and-mortars do, making them ideal investments for first-time entrepreneurs.

What is your most favorite food truck?

Additionally, you don’t run the risk of losing your business if your competition opens shop next door; simply move your truck and conquer new territory. Another good thing is that you can not only change your location for each season but also the menu; their kitchens are sophisticated enough to cover a wide array of meals. Better yet, you can open a smoothie bar during the summer and make a huge buck off of that alone. After all, healthy foods are trending at the moment now, right?

5. Home-Cooked Meals Are Back on the Menu

Healthy and vegan diets are not the only ones trending at the moment. There’s also a growing demand for more authentic, traditional dishes; especially so with the new Millennial population. Just take a look at this Mexican grandmother-turned YouTuber that started her own channel to promote homemade recipes; in a month she hit over a million subscribers and the numbers just keep on growing! If that’s not a tell-tale sign of a profitable niche, then I don’t know what is!

All in all, as each industry has its own flavors, so does the food business. You need to find yourself a profitable niche with the right target audience to attract new customers and build a new food empire. Bon appétit.

28 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Start a Food Business in 2019”

  1. I have a dream of having a food truck one day! They’re so popular right now too. I know it would be a lot of hard work but super fun Im sure!

  2. Veganism is definitely a growing trend, I’m not sure if I agree that people that choose not to eat meat should be ”exploited” though. People are choosing to go plant-based for a number of reasons including health and environmental reasons.

  3. i like the idea of home-cooked meals. i would love to check out a home based chef who delivers food to your house similar to the prepared meal subscription services. it’d be nice not to have to store the food for ages meaning a big freezer is necessary.

  4. I love seeing some good flavors coming in to the vegan market. i need to get out and try some of this.

  5. I always thought it would be really cool to have a food truck. I would server nothing but french fries covered in different toppings!

  6. Food businesses are really taking off in our country. Buying ingredients to make food is almost as much as just going and buying a dinner at a restaurant anymore!

  7. The last two options sound really a good idea and I like the thought of having a food truck, and you just move if you have competitors nearby. 🙂

  8. This was a really great read. I’m not built for food service, but I have a friend who is really interested in starting up a food business. She’s a great cook, and I think it would be a hit. I have to send this to her.

  9. There are some really great points here. Veganism is a massive thing and growing by the day. Also I love that quick fast food can be healthy xx

  10. I think if anyone is looking to start a food business, these are great options. You really can’t go wrong with a good food truck or excellent vegan foods.

  11. i love a food truck. you can go anywhere and the options are countless. those are great suggestions.

  12. I’m not a talented cook at all but it’d be great to have a food business. A food truck would be fun.

  13. happy christmas. i think it’d be quite fun to start a catering business/food truck but such hard work. i imagine no matter what country you’d need to learn quite a bit of business to keep up. Joy

  14. People are definitely all about food these days. Especially if you stay pertinent with the trends, you’ll be popular!

  15. My friend has been talking about starting a food truck business. I hope she does as her food is amazing. Why not make money off of doing what you love?

  16. There is a constant reason for this business and that is that people won’t cease eating 😂
    and as the population grows, the more demand in every single food. Whether it be vegan or meat. Everybody loves food. So it will always be a perfect business idea. Nice blog, great job.. 😊

  17. Home cooked meals are thriving. I told my friend she needs to start her catering company in 2020 the food industry is booming big.

  18. Those are all great reasons to start a food business! Restaurants still remain one of the top failing businesses, so you really need to do your homework first! haha

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