Best Falafel Spot – Two Chickpeas

Few weeks ago, I discovered a hidden falafel spot in the heart of Makati. Two Chickpeas serves vegan and vegetarian friendly food within reach. It features falafel pockets and bowls with several toppings to choose from such as quinoa salad, cabbage salad, pickled basil beets and hummus. They also serve side items such as gyro fries and turmeric rice.

One of the tables at Two Chickpeas

Upon entering the vicinity, you can smell the freshly prepared food from their kitchen. You’ll be greeted immediately by the helpful and accommodating staff. I really love the relaxing and comforting vibe of the restaurant.

My table during my visit.
Counter and Working Kitchen

This is the current menu as updated last April 2018:

Here’s my take on each dish I tried during my visit:

Falafel Bowl

The Falafel Bowl was freshly prepared. I picked out quinoa salad, sweet potato fries, turmeric rice, hummus and tomato cucumber salad as my sides. In every order of the bowl, you can select five free toppings to go with your five falafel balls. The falafel balls were not dry. I suggest you eat it immediately. My verdict? A HIT for me.

The Tennis Foodie and The Falafel Pocket while wearing the Vollaix Black Shirt

The Falafel Pocket was so good. It was my favorite during my visit. It comes with five falafel balls in a pita bread. You can add hot sauce or garlic sauce on it. My score? An ACE!

Happy Meals!
Seitan Gyro

I tried the Seitan Gyro of Two Chickpeas. It was made from seasoned and seared seitan, french fries, tzatziki, lettuce and tomato wrapped in a flat bread. How did it fare to me? A HIT.

To know more about the restaurant, please visit them at 112 Gamboa, Eton Parkview Greenbelt Building, Makati, Luzon 1223, Philippines. They are open from Monday to Sunday, 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

You can also follow their official social media pages:
Instagram: twochickpeasph
Facebook: Two Chickpeas

24 thoughts on “Best Falafel Spot – Two Chickpeas”

  1. One of my BFF just left the Philippians, if only I would have read this before he left. He is a certified Foodie and I am sure he would have loved to try this menu in its totality.

  2. What a great place to find, it sounds like it was a hidden gem for you. So glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Falafel can be really dry, but when it’s good it is really good. Can’t wait to try this spot.

  4. My last view experiences trying falafel weren’t the best. I love making it myself, it’s quite simple and so delicious.

  5. You’ve reminded me that I need to try falafels! How have I not tried them yet? Everything looks so delicious. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. I loooove falafel. We eat it a lot here in pita bread with hummus and tchina. It’s a great combo. 🙂 Glad you found a great spot too!

  7. It certainly has a relaxing atmosphere, which I love when eating out. The gyros sounds very appealing, because I love tzatiki sauce. All the dishes look amazing.

  8. This is up my alley as a pescatarian. I love the name two chickpeas I enjoy falafels when I cant find a good spot to get it.

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