How to choose a beginner tennis racket for your child

These days, children are considered the “couch” generation as they do not need to move around anymore. Everything that they need and want is already right on their fingers, with all the gadgets at their whim. However, it is still important to introduce them to more physical activities for their growth and development. A child does not need to be athletic as you may read here, but they always go outside and let those muscles go to work. Why don’t you try introducing them to a hobby that is still fun but involves more movement?

There are so many options to choose from for a hobby since interests can be varied between children. You may want to take them for a walk or jog every day as a bonding moment. It is not a solemn activity, and it is also great if you have a pet dog. On the other hand, you may also want to introduce something a bit more complicated but would last for a long time. A sport would be an excellent thing for them to learn, but choosing one is the primary concern.

What is tennis?

Tennis is not the first option for many parents as it is not the most popular sport. Football, baseball, and basketball are still some of the most popular sports here in the USA. It makes sense since most people prefer team sports since there are more at stake for a team than a duo or individual. However, it might not work for your child, especially if you are not comfortable with them in larger groups. Your children will have to deal with it once they go to school, but sometimes it is also wise to take it slow.

Tennis can be an individual or doubles sport.

You might also be familiar with tennis since there are many famous players involved in the sport. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena Williams, and Maria Sharapova have inspired millions of people worldwide. Playing it is relatively simple, and there are many guides online that you can explore. According to, it is best to introduce it to your child early for them to develop interest and practice. Once they enjoy it, reinforcing the habit makes it even better since they would look for the activity themselves.

The sporting debates

One of the advantages of single and double sports is the less likelihood of injury. For one, you do not have to worry about it a lot since there are fewer people to do stuff with as a whole. All you need to focus on is yourself, but being careful is still essential. Meanwhile, team sports are the more well-known ones, and there are many ways to play them. Also, more parents see this as a more lucrative option since it can help their future.

If you have decided to introduce the sport to your child, you need to know more about the equipment. There are two necessities: the ball and the racquet. Other tools like specialized shoes come into play later once they do competitive and professional games. Unsurprisingly, the ball is the least expensive out of all of them, and the racquet is the most costly. However, for children, you do not have to break your bank accounts to give them great tools.

For starters, it is crucial to give them high-quality equipment as it is also for their safety. There have been many instances that subpar tools have been more dangerous than carelessness. Meanwhile, think of it as an investment for your child. If they do end up liking it, then you do not have to buy more. As they say in many industries and hobbies, it is more expensive to buy cheaper products in the long run.

Proper sizes and use

You need to look into only two aspects when it comes to choosing the right racquet. The first, and probably the most important, is the age. As children grow older, their needs change; it is something we can never avoid. However, many people think that they do need to consider and buy their children adult racquets instead. Trust us that would not be a good thing for anyone involved.

Standard racquet lengths have always existed since tennis went professional. For junior racquets, there are brackets from 2-4 up to 10-12 years old. The longest one in these brackets clock to 26 inches and the rest is already for adults. It might seem a bit too small, but it is understandable for this sport. You may need to think about it while you are shopping for the equipment.

Meanwhile, it would be best if you also thought about the height of the child. Not all of them would fit in the brackets, and some might feel awkward in their hands. It would help if you let them try it out first since everyone is different. A younger child might be tall for their age, so a shorter racquet might not help them. Some would prefer having adult racquets as well since there are more options than their junior counterparts.

One of the glaring advantages of doing so is the grip size, which measures their hand’s length. Adults tend to have 5-6 variations, so they can choose what they want. Meanwhile, junior ones only come with one size, which might be too big or small for their hands. Nothing fits quite right unless you are lucky enough that this one grip size is already perfect. Adjusting it to their needs is always crucial when choosing any equipment as this link tells us:

What specifications do you have in your tennis racket?

Lastly, it would also temper their expectations when they are already trying to play the game. If you give them a junior racquet, they would think that they are still children. It is a good thing to do so, too, since they can enjoy the game more without expectations. Meanwhile, giving them adult sizes is like a rite of passage or a sign of adulthood. Explain to them why you choose these items and let them understand the reasons behind your choice.

We cannot deny that racquets are some of the most expensive sporting equipment in the world. The professionals in the game spend millions on just a single piece of equipment. Meanwhile, other sports do have to worry about it since the basic game only has a ball, stick, or a combination of both. You can play it at any point of the day as long as you have friends. Meanwhile, the only affordable thing in this sport is the ball.

If you are going to go shopping for it, bring the child with you. This idea might not seem wise since children can get rowdy or become interested in something else. However, it is a crucial step since they will be the ones who will end up using it in the long run. They need to measure the right grip and length with their hands. Once they feel comfortable with it, then you might have made the right choice.

Tennis is fun!

Even though any sport is a good option for a child to explore, it is also wise to let them play in just individual sports. It will speak to their discipline and see how far they can go relatively smoothly. With team sports, there is an expectation of outperforming anyone else, even your teammates. Tennis will let you develop at your pace, something that your child might appreciate.

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  1. Sadly, my childhood attempts at playing tennis was a wash. I think it’s a brilliant, albeit expensive sport and a talented kid should be encouraged to follow your tips and go for it.

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