Japan’s UCC Coffee Academy Opens in Manila

No one is sleeping in this class for sure! Do you love the aroma of coffee? I surely do!

Featuring state-of-the-art coffee machines at the UCC Coffee Academy Philippines

The UCC Coffee Academy has opened an education facility that aims to deepen the Filipinos’ knowledge and appreciation of coffee. And it has none other than the premier coffee guru of the Philippines, Robert Francisco, at the helm as its managing director.

Mr. Robert Francisco, Managing Director, UCC Coffee Academy Philippines

Located at the third floor of the Uptown Parade, beside the Megaworld Showroom in Taguig City, the Academy offers specialized training courses for coffee enthusiasts and entrepreneurs wanting to open their own coffee shop business.

The team of coffee experts from the Academy with Mr. Robert Francisco, Managing Director, UCC Coffee Academy Philippines and Mr. Hubert Young, Chief Executive Officer, UCC Ueshima Coffee Philippines, Inc.

According to Francisco, the first class at the UCC Coffee Academy scheduled on November 10 is a pre-requisite in most of the courses they offer, which is the Fundamentals of Coffee: From Crop to Cup. The rest of the November and December calendar include classes on Alternative Brewing Methods, Nov. 15 – 16; Intermediate Barista Skills, Nov. 20 – 22; Introduction to Cupping, Nov. 24; Advanced Barista, Dec. 5 – 7; and Latte Art, Dec. 10.

Latte art demonstration during the coffee sensory tour of the Academy

“Students can expect that the UCC Coffee Academy will reflect the Japanese way of conducting classes. We begin our classes the way they begin the classes in the UCC Coffee Academy in Japan,” said Francisco, adding that, “Our classrooms are designed to promote an interactive class experience, where students have an enriching exchange of knowledge with instructors and practice with the tools they need to master their craft.”

Grand Opening of the UCC Coffee Academy Philippines.

The grand opening of the UCC Coffee Academy was attended by the following distinguished guests: Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Host; Councilor Edwin Eron of Taguig City; Ms. Tefel Valentino, Vice President for Marketing and Business Development, Megaworld Corporation; Ms. Mylene Manlogon, Vice President for Retail Partners Management, Megaworld Corporation; Mr. Hubert Young, Chief Executive Officer, UCC Ueshima Coffee Philippines Inc.; Mr. Seisuke Ueshima, President, UCC International; His Excellency Koji Haneda, Ambassador of Japan to the Philippines; Mr. Naoto Tago, President, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Philippines; Mr. Takashi Ishihara, Executive Director, Japan External Trade Organization Manila; and Mr. Yoshio Wada, Chief Representative, Japan International Cooperation Agency.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at the UCC Coffee Academy Philippines

At the opening of the UCC Coffee Academy, Francisco’s team of professional baristas from UCC café have showcased their brewing skills during a coffee sensory experience such as siphon brewing and hand drip, along with a latte art demonstration.

Mr. Hubert Young, Chief Executive Officer, UCC Ueshima Coffee Philippines Inc.

The UCC Coffee Academy is the latest venture of the UCC Group in the Philippines, the company behind the successful UCC café chain. Entrepreneur Hubert Eric U. Young brought the franchise from Japan in 2000. Over the years, Young developed multiple brands of concept stores under the UCC brand. Today, there are 40 branches of UCC café in the country. The company is also positioned to further grow its business as it opened for franchising this year. Likewise, UCC in the Philippines has expanded to manufacturing, roasting and exportation of coffee through its partnership with UCC Japan. It has also ventured into coffee machine distribution and service provider through the recent acquisition of Allegro Beverage Corporation in order to cater to the needs of hotels, restaurants and coffee shops.

Ceremonial Toast during the Opening of the UCC Coffee Academy Philippines
Opening of the UCC Coffee Academy Philippines attended by Mr. Robert Francisco, Managing Director, UCC Coffee Academy Philippines; Mr. Hubert Young, Chief Executive Officer, UCC Ueshima Coffee Philippines Inc.; Honorable Mayor Lani Cayetano of Taguig City; Mr. Seisuke Ueshima, President, UCC International; and Mr. Shunta Koike, General Manager, UCC Ueshima Coffee Philippines, Inc.

To know more about the brand, follow them at their official social media sites:

Instagram: ucccafeph
Facebook: UCC Coffee Shops Philippines

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