Tous Les Jours 7th Anniversary Promo

Tous Les Jours is one of the premier provider of quality breads and pastries in the country. Tous Les Jours (TLJ) is a French-Asian artisan bakery that provides best quality produce on a daily basis. The brand came from a French phrase which means “every day.” The ingredients are carefully sorted and sourced out from South Korea. It’s the perfect fusion of European and Asian concept: European styled bakery with Asian flavors and ingredients. The bakery offers five-star friendly service to each customers.

Mark all your calendars! In line with the 7th anniversary of Tous Les Jours Philippines, here’s a pleasant surprise for all: 7 Breads for P70!

Mocha Chocolate Chip and Cream Cheese Muffin

There’s no specific purchase amount required. It may be through dine-in or take out while supplies last. This will be on November 11, 2018 from 7 PM to 9 PM.

TLJ serves freshly baked goodies everyday!

Disclaimer: Maximum of three anniversary promo per transaction only.

Cream Cheese Walnut Bread with Strawberry Jam

Did you know that Tous Les Jours is part of the Grub Club? Check out the perks and privileges below:

Grub Card – Terms and Conditions

Discounts and Privileges

  • 10% off across all brands from Tuesdays to Sundays
  • 15% off on all brands every Monday
  • 50% off on all Tous les Jours breads 1 hour before closing


  • 1 (One) 20% off your bill on your birth month
  • 2 (Two) P500 off for minimum purchase of P2,000
  • 3 (Three) P200 off for minimum purchase of P800
  • 4 (Four) P100 off for minimum purchase of P500

Reward Points

  • Earn 1 Point with every P50 spend
  • 1 Point = P1

Grub Club Card Purchase

  • Card is valued at Php 998
  • Twelve (12) months validity upon purchase
  • Discount and privileges can be claimed from all Trident Food Group Brands

Grub Club discounts are not to be combined with other discounts and promotions such as party packages, banquet services, events, senior citizen and PWD discounts

In-store Registration

  1. Purchase the card
  2. Provide Grub Club ambassador with your card and basic information details
  3. Confirmation code will be received via SMS or Email
  4. Provide Grub Club ambassador with code received to activate your card

Web Portal Registration

  1. Purchase the card
  2. Visit and click on Register
  3. Sign up by filling up the required information
  4. Activate your account via SMS or Email

Mobile App Registration

  1. Purchase the card
  2. Download the free App via Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  3. Sign up by filling up the required information
  4. Activate your account via SMS or Email

How to use the Grub Club Mobile App

  1. Download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Log in your account with your username and password after registration
  3. Complete the registration on the “My Account” portion
  4. Check the Grub Club Mobile app to monitor your points, rewards and other offers

Lost or Stolen Card

  • Please report lost or stolen card so it can be deactivated immediately
  • Existing points from lost card will be transferred once new card has been issued and updated in the system within the next 48 hours
  • The same expiration date will apply for the replaced card
  • Php 100 for card replacement


  • Card expires after twelve (12) months from date of purchase
  • Once card expires unused points can be carried over upon renewal or purchase of a new card
  • Upon card’s expiration date customer has three (3) months to purchase a new card otherwise points will expire

How to earn points

  • Each fifty (50) pesos spent on food and beverage is equivalent to one (1) point
  • One (1) point is equivalent to one (1) peso
  • Point may be earned from all modes of payment including cash, credit and debit card
  • Points may be converted to monetary form and can be consumed anytime within the validity period of the card
  • Points can be earned from all Trident Food Group Brands
  • Present your Grub Club Card upon payment to earn points
  • Points earned will be credited within the next 48 hours
  • Points earned at all Trident Food Group Brands can be checked either through the Grub Club Website or thru the Grub Club Mobile App
  • Banquet reservation/event is not applicable to earn/accrue points

How to redeem your points

  • Present your Grub Club card at any of Trident Food Group restaurants or stores
  • Points earned can be redeemed from all Trident Food Group
  • Points earned can be used as mode of payment for dine-in, in-store purchase and take-away
  • Points are non-transferable and cannot be converted to cash

To know more about the brand, you may follow their official social media sites:

Facebook: Tous Les Jours PH
Instagram: touslesjours
Twitter: TousLesJoursPH

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  1. Sounds really interesting! It would for sure be something I’d be interesting in attending thats for sure!

  2. This looks like a great card and would definitely be handy for a family of our size. Those muffins and that cake just made me want to eat the screen

  3. The Grub Club sounds like a worthy membership to have. I mean you get to dine in awesome places, get discounts on your bill and even cashback options. Wow. I wish we had that in our area.

  4. I haven’t try this It looks yummy.I wanna try this.I wanna share it with my good friend someday.

  5. Wow! Their bread and pastries looks really delicious and tasty. Thanks for sharing this to us, I’ll definitely check their branch.

  6. That all looks really good. If people don’t take advantage of this promo, they’re either nuts or they have no tastebuds!

  7. GReat! I love promotions and those breads and sweets look so good. They will have me trying everything!

  8. I love Tous Le Jours. When we were living in a condo, there was a branch at the ground floor and I always looked forward to their afternoon sale

  9. That’s good that the points trasfer even if a card is lost or stolen. Not something you tend to think about but imporant when you do need to!

  10. Just while reading this , I imagined the smell of freshly baked bread …:) 🙂 .. Grub card looks like a great idea. Wish we had something like that where I live,

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