Perfect Crunch with California Crunch

Looking for an afternoon snack? Wait no more! California Crunch is now available in your favorite supermarkets, convenience stores and groceries nationwide.

I tried two new flavors: Barbeque (a spicy kick) and Sour Cream & Onions (cool and tangy).

Sour Cream & Onions: Cool and Tangy

The main advantages of California Crunch are the following: zero trans fat, cholesterol free and it is 30% less fat than the leading American potato chips brand.

Barbeque: A Spicy Kick

Get that perfect crunch with California Crunch!

Perfect Crunch with California Crunch

You can also visit California Crunch’s official social media pages for more information:

 I would also like to thank Mr. Marc De Guzman of California Crunch for sending these goodies.
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28 thoughts on “Perfect Crunch with California Crunch”

  1. I usually like the salty type chips. And I do like this crunchy version instead of the normal one. I would like to try the barbeque one.

  2. I have to admit, I didn’t even know what casava was and had to look it up. Would also love to give the BBQ ones a try!

  3. Mmm these look delicious, I have a weakness for chips like this. Both flavours really sound appealing too!

  4. Where can I find a local store that sells these crisps? I want to eat chips but due to additives and artificial flavors, it is hard to find a snack this good.

  5. I’ve never tried a cassava chip before but they sound interesting. I’d have to try both flavors because they both sound really tasty!

  6. Potatoes chips are my weakness so I think these could be a much better alternative for my cravings

  7. I love a good chip! Never heard the brand before but seems like a healthier version of traditional chips!

  8. Sour cream & onion is one of my favourite chip flavours ever! I haven’t heard of this brand (being in Australia) but they look delicious.

  9. Usually I like spicy flavours.So,I am sure I would love this BBQ flavor.Good to spend time in front of TV with such snack on hand.

  10. Have been seeing this online and in some stores and have been wanting to try them. How’s the thickness of the chips? I’m a fan of thin and crispy ones!

  11. They offer a healthier alternative, which is good! And I like the barbecue and sour cream and onion flavors- similar to that of potato chips, but I’m sure these are better.

  12. Who will not love a crunchy and healthy snack? I’m not a sour cream person but I’d definitely go for the spicy barbecue flavor.

  13. Sounds like good and tasty chips to try. I will definitely add this to my grocery lists. Thank you!

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