10 Best Birthday Gifts for Men in Their 20’s

Buying a birthday gift is never easy, but buying something for someone you care for is even harder. Luckily, some people are pretty easy to buy presents to, and these are the people you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right birthday gift for. Most men are like this and they’re pretty easy to please when it comes to birthday gifts. If you too are purchasing something for a man in his twenties, here are ten gifts you should definitely look into.

When was the last time you wrap your own gifts?

Charging station

Whether you’re buying a birthday gift for your boyfriend, son or brother, giving them one of these amazing charging stations is always a great way to go. These small helpful devices will help them charge their phones and tablets in a quick and easy way, regardless of where they are, what they do and how much free time they have. So take a look at some of the most popular and useful charging stations on the market, and pick the one that seems the most suitable for that special young man in your life.

Apple Airpods

This is another popular birthday gift at the moment, and every man is definitely going to want to have a pair of these headphones. With so many different models on the market, finding the right headphones has never been harder, and you need to take lots of things into consideration. However, Apple Airpods are definitely among the best, coolest and most reliable choices out there, so be sure to check them out asap. What’s even better is that they’re actually cheaper than you could’ve imagined, so you can pick another gift as well.

Apple Airpods

Netflix subscription

This is a rather unusual choice, but it’s certainly a useful idea your man might be interested in. If he’s a huge fan of movies and TV shows, he probably already has a Netflix account, but he’ll also be happy to receive a free subscription from you. Not everyone is going to choose this as a birthday present, but be sure that everyone will enjoy getting it. It’s also one of the easiest gifts you can buy, and a perfect last-minute gift too.


This is another old trick, but definitely a good one. After all, if your man is in his twenties, he should be able to recognize a great bottle of wine or whiskey, and it’s up to you to support him in making the right choices. With so many different sorts of wine out there, you’ll certainly be able to make the right choice, no matter where you are and how much experience with fine wines you have. Fortunately, you can find an amazing bottle of wine everywhere in the world, from Pinot Noir in France to tasty champagne in Hong Kong that will help your man show what a sophisticated and elegant taste he has. As for whiskey, if he is a whiskey connoisseur, then a good batch could be exactly what he needs. You can find companies that can you provide you with a whisky investment that you can surprise your man with. This could ensure that his personal bar remains stocked up at all times.

Celebrate it with wine!

Bluetooth beanie hat

If your man loves listening to music all day long but also receives a number of phone calls, a Bluetooth beanie hat might be the perfect gift for him. These amazing pieces of headwear will keep him warm during those long winter days, but also help him look better than ever at the same time. He can continue listening to music up to 12 hours without taking a break, so this beanie hat really is a wonderful gift for every man out there.

New watch

What’s your favorite watch brand?

It doesn’t matter what your man does or how fashionable he is – all men deserve a great watch. There are lots of choices you can pick from, and finding a cool watch shouldn’t be as hard as most people think. It’s all about keeping things simple and purchasing a watch your man can wear in different situations.

First editions

Whether he’s a fan of Hemingway, Salinger or Pynchon, your man deserves the first edition of his favorite novel or collection of short stories. These things are valuable and can be quite pricey, so you’ll show him how much you appreciate his passion for reading and value him as a person. A signed copy would be an even better idea, so take your time, plan this gift out, and come up with the best birthday surprise ever.

New shoes

Most men in their twenties don’t care about shoes as much as they should, which means most of them are happy with their old sneakers. Even after wearing them for a couple of years, they might not consider buying new shoes, so you need to do something about it. Getting your man some new shoes is a great birthday gift that will turn him into a more fashionable person who’s always comfortable, and that’s something all men will appreciate.

I love brown leather shoes. How about you?

New fragrance

Just because some men aren’t fans of cologne doesn’t mean all of them hate wearing it. On the contrary, this is a way for them to feel better about themselves, but the truth is that lots of guys in their twenties don’t buy new colognes unless they absolutely have to. So, give your man a new fragrance or two, and you’ll give him new choices and help him feel amazing every single day.

A time-out

If you’re trying to show your boyfriend or partner how much you appreciate him, giving him the gift of time could go a really long way. This might seem a bit strange at first, but you’d be surprised how much hanging out with his friends could mean to your man. This will help him take a break from his busy work schedule, but he’ll also come back home knowing that you’ve done something amazing for him. Finally, this gift is absolutely free and will give you a chance to chill as well, so it’s a win-win situation!

Hang out with friends!

As you can see, there are various gifting options out there to show the men in your life how much they mean to you. However, if you prefer making it more special, you could take that extra mile and look into personalized gift ideas, over generic ones.

Finding the right present isn’t hard at all. You just have to find out what men around you want, and then find a way to make all their wishes come true. If you fail to find the right present, don’t worry – Christmas is around the corner, and you can give it another shot!

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  1. Cool list. The only twenty-year-old I will have to buy for is my son In a few years as he’s 17 now. The new pair of (tennis) shoes is the main thing on this list that matters to him right now. I wonder if I will change as he gets older! Thanks!

  2. i don’t know if it is sexist but never thought of getting a guy wine. don’t know why considering i’d buy a woman a bottle. weird. good list though!!

  3. I know most men 25 and under are obsessed with shoes. Yes anything sports related and tech is a good gift too!

  4. Those are all excellent gift ideas not just for men in their 20s! Thanks for putting this list together. 🙂

  5. Great gift ideas. Very innovative. I really liked the Netflix subscription idea. Love to Netflix and Chill!

  6. My sons are both in their 20s so these are definitely gift ideas that they will appreciate. Those air pods are great (I mean, which 20 something year old would say no to air pods?). A new watch is also a “safe” gift.

  7. I really like all of these suggestions for gifts for men in their 20’s! Although, I think these would be great for men of most ages.

  8. These are all great ideas, especially that buying gifts for young men can be tricky! I love the Netflix subscription gift idea! Genius! And a charging station is always a win!

  9. Choosing the perfect gift has always given me sleepless nights at times when the person is very close to me. Thanks for these great suggestions.

  10. Free vacation with his buddies! No one declined a free vacation or unlimited movie access.

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