The 5 Best Places for Tapas in Melbourne

Many people from around the world have been to Melbourne for various reasons like a vacation or business trip. It is a coastal city in Australia with many opportunities. As a result, the city has become a metropolis. Food and drinks are an important part of the city and feed people from all over the globe. Themed restaurants and bars are popular.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Melbourne?

If you are from Latin America or Spain, you will definitely be interested in finding restaurants and bars with different types of tapas, cocktails and food. We will guide you on the best tapas restaurants if it is your first time in Melbourne.

MoVida Tapas Bar

This bar offers more than just food and drinks to travelers. The ambiance provides class and high-end service to all guests. According to TripAdvisor, there is a lot to enjoy in this 4.5-star bar. A wide variety of people have praised their tapas, and you too will enjoy the Spanish delicacies that are served here. The drinks range from colorful cocktails to wines from various countries throughout South America.

El Rincon

This tapas restaurant, which is located at 69 Victoria Street, Melbourne, boasts a strong Spanish theme. Whether you are looking for a venue to chill with a drink and music, host a group of friends to share a variety of cocktails and tapas or just have a meeting with your workmates, this is the place to be. Their menu is quite elaborate; it not only covers tapas from Spain and Latin American countries but also a variety of main courses from the same regions.

Vamos Tapas Bar

It is simply one of the best tapas bars you can find in Melbourne. Every day is special with a variety of Latin American and Spanish music, wines, cocktails and the most delicious tapas in the city. The bar is very well established at the heart of the city and on the web. Actually, you can visit the Vamos website to peruse what they offer and even place your order from there.

I get a rush whenever I travel back to Australia. It’s one of my favorite countries. It’s where it all started.

Bomba Tapas Bar and Rooftop

If you visit the website of this tapas bar, you will love what they have to offer. They probably caught hold of the best web designers melbourne has to offer. Minimalistic yet stylish, it will have you wanting to try their food right away. Actually, they post pictures of the actual tapas and drinks that you will get when you visit them. When you are in Melbourne, be sure to visit their rooftop bar for a variety of cocktails, wines and other drinks from Latin America and Spain. They also offer additional food items on top of the tapas that are served with drinks.

Saporito Taquito

Saporito Taquito has a new menu that is coming soon, and this is an exciting development to look out for. If you are anticipating having a good time with family and friends while in Melbourne, visit this Mexican tapas restaurant for a variety of foods, tapas and sides that are very delicious. They also have a wide selection of drinks to accompany the food that you have ordered.

What’s your favorite tapas?


It’s spacious, luxurious and has rustic decor. The Mexican-themed bar is located at Collins Place in Melbourne, and it is ready to serve you a variety of foods and drinks from Mexico and other Latin American countries. According to online testimonials of guests who have been here, there is a high chance that your experience here will be great. Therefore, all you need is to leave enough time and carry enough money to enjoy all their tapas, drinks and the entire experience.

Final Word

With any of these great tapas bars and restaurants in Melbourne at your disposal, your trip to Melbourne will be a memorable experience. It is good to try a variety of foods and drinks if you are in Melbourne for long enough. Melbourne is a destination you cannot help but enjoy.

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  1. More reasons to visit Melbourne! Australia has been on my bucket list for many years, can’t wait to visit someday. Nice to know there are places to get some awesome Tapas!

  2. I like a bit of tapas. sometimes it is nice to nibble on small plates rather than have main meals xx

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  9. I love Tapas… in MoVida, try the salt cod & potato fritters & the confit potato with curled pork loin tapas. It’s like a party in your mouth.

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  17. My high school batchmates who are now living in Australia had a reunion recently and they were are Bomba Tapas Bar and Rooftop. From the photos they posted on our Facebook group page, it does look like a nice place and the food and drinks were totally divine.

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