5 Fun Reasons to Visit Macau

Asia’s incredible cultural heritage, centuries of vivid history, and a multitude of various influences from all over the globe make it the prime destination for avid travelers. However, the spotlight-thieves such as Hong Kong and Singapore are finally starting to make room for other, equally astounding destinations – and Macau is at the very top of that list!

My Alter Ego

Packed with Portuguese influence, still deeply Chinese, this Las Vegas of Asia remains a mystery and a bucket-list destination for all who strive to experience something bold and something new. Macau has somehow managed to marry humility with glamour, the ancient with the futuristic, and the spiritual with the sinful. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons for you to book a flight to Macau and enjoy this impressive region!

1. The beaches, oh, the beaches

Macau has its own stunning island, by the name of Coloane Island, and it’s home to two breathtaking beaches that will take you far, far away from tourist crowds rushing to see the Macau Tower and lose some cash at the roulette table. The largest of the two notable Macau beaches is called Hac Sa Beach (黑沙), meaning black sand in Chinese. It may seem slightly dirty, but rest assured, it’s just the minerals, so it’s safe for bathing.

The smaller beach by the name of Cheoc Van is famous for its honey-hued sand, making it a perfect escape spot for avid beach loungers. If you’re up for some action, you can take one of many hiking trails that are truly picturesque, and head to the Giant Panda Park nearby!

2. Visit Europe in Asia

On one hand, Macau is often compared to Hong Kong, and its Asian look and feel is present around every corner. However, since the Portuguese visitors of yore have left their own influences, you can also feel as if you’re strolling around the streets of Lisbon if you find yourself in the historic center of Macau.

You’re not in Portugal, you’re in Macau!

Some of the most notable examples of Portuguese architecture include Senado Square, while the hotel, Grand Lisboa blends the European heritage through the name with the grandiose Macau architecture. However, you can take a look at every available Macau Hotels recommendation (澳門酒店推介) to choose among many beautiful accommodation options with equally stunning views. Wherever you decide to stay, you’ll be well-connected with public transportation to explore the entire region with ease.

3. Don’t skip the gambling and shopping hotspots

Have you ever been to Vegas? Had the fortune of no minimum deposit gambling (ohne Mindesteinzahlung) online or offline? It would make for a nice frame of reference once you go to Macau, considering the glitz and the absolutely over-the-top experience you’ll have in Macau’s finest gambling establishments – which is why this region is considered the world’s mecca of gambling.

A great way to have another hop over to Europe is to visit the Parisian, a hotel and a casino that is designed in the spirit of the city after which it was named. Then you have the majestic Venetian, together with gondolas and an enormous shopping center attached to the canal. Of course, even if you’re not staying at Grand Lisboa (新葡京), visit it at least for one fun gambling sessions to absorb the impeccable glory of this monument of a building! If you do intend on visiting Macau and not indulge in some in-person gambling, you could always play some free spins on online casinos like https://casinomartini.com/nz/new-online-casinos/ and similar others.

4. Foodie haven

Would you expect any less from an Asian destination with such a vivid heritage? The spirit of abundance reigns supreme in the entire Macau region, and you’ll feel no less of the very same vibe when you visit some of its best foodie courts.

Sweet Egg Custard Tarts

Whether you come across a street corner food stall or you make a reservation in a five-star restaurant, the food will be equally delicious – from the Portuguese chourico and sweet egg custard tarts, all the way to famed Macanese dishes such as minchi (澳門式免治), a mixture of minced meat and stir-fried potatoes. When you’re in the mood for a true Macanese experience, head over to Albergue 1601, one of those rare restaurants that manage to perfectly sum Macanese and European influences into a unified menu.

5. A zest for adventure

Finally, now that you know that Macau is a gambling heaven and a must-see for nature lovers as well, you will not be surprised to know that adrenaline-seekers will also find Macau exhilarating. The highest commercial sky jump the world has ever seen is located precisely here, and you can take the leap off one of their most memorable landmarks – the Macau Tower.

Considering that the distance from your jump spot to the ground is astounding 764 ft, you’ll get to experience the feeling of a free fall for as long as 17 seconds. Let’s say that this may be one of the best views in town, so make sure to put it on your bucket list the next time you’re in Macau!

While Asia is still blossoming in terms of popular places to visit, and the love for Hong Kong and Singapore will never fade, we can still expand our horizons enough to give other regions such as Macau a fair chance. In this particular instance, you will be many things, but disappointed will not be one of them!

Guest Post by Peter who is a travel editor at Men-Ual magazine. Beside blogging he worked as a travel journalist for many publications around UK & AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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  1. I adore the architecture, probably not going to jump off the tower, but it is so beautiful to look at. The sweet egg custard tarts are right up my alley, they look delicious! Beaches by day and gambling at night sounds like a great combination.

  2. Oh my, this looks like an incredible place to visit one day. I love all the architecture. And of course the food!
    Trying the local fare in each port is important to me. It helps you to be immersed in the culture with the people.
    I have to admit I’d probably NOT jump off a building, LOL, but I’d love to watch.
    Thanks again,

  3. I have not thought much of traveling to Macau, but this seems to be a great list that has somehow convinced me to consider visiting Macau someday. Macau Tower is some place I would really like to visit. And, the Europe in Asia concept I can understand by looking at the “Playa” or call it a plaza, seems very cool! And yes, of course, food is always the reason I can visit any place for.

  4. Macau looks lovely. Nice to see the east and west unite with the portuguese influence in the architecture. The food and adventure are also great reasons to visit Macau.

  5. Macau has always been on my travel list. I knew it was Portuguese but did not realise how much the buildings look like the ones in Lisbon. To have a sweet egg custard tart which I love would be a lot closer for us here to travel to from Australia then travelling to Europe for them. Thanks for the information regarding the beaches as well.

  6. You stirred my interest about Macau. I guess you call it the Las Vegas of Asia because gambling is allowed there, but I wonder if it’s a beautifully lighted (both day and night) as the real Las Vegas is. I’d love to visit Macau, especially if it’s a foodie’s heaven.

  7. It’s great to be reading about Macau as we are planning a visit to there this year. The Senado square having the Portuguese architecture looks really interesting. Also, I would love to try out the local food there. I really can’t wait to visit this place.

  8. Truely amazing from the time I set foot on this destination I must say and one I kept wondering about. It feels like vegasshen you land on the port with all the various buses lined up to take you to the various hotels. Live the custard tarts and would recommend to anyone visiting this part of the world for sure. There is so much to see here from the new hotels to the old town with Portuguese influences. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Haven’t been to Macau yet, but I can see myself soon heading out there for the food and variety of Adrenaline filled activities. Until now, I had the picture of Macau being the vegas of the East, but now that I know that there’s more than just casino’s. am heading there soon.

  10. Macau sounds like a very interesting place! judging by your photos, the food is amazing as well and I would say enough of a reason to visit. I always thought that Macau is the Vegas of the east but this post completely changed my perception. Thank you for that,

  11. Wow, I honestly didnt know there are beaches in Macau, or that the food scene is so good… here in Europe Macau is basically known as a gambling paradise, like a 2nd Las Vegas 🙂

    Have a nice Weekend!

  12. Macau looks amazing. I didn’t know much about it. But time to add it to my bucket list! 🙂

  13. Looks like a fab place to visit for sure. Many people will want to travel here and probably do I bet x

  14. I didn’t realize that there was a European influence in Macau. I do know that it has become quite a hot spot in recent years though. I would love to visit someday.

  15. Macau is such an amazing place to visit. Aside from their beautiful views, buildings and delicious food, they also have a reserved forest that you can visit to relax and to do some exercise. I will definitely go back there, someday!

  16. omg Europe in Asia? didn’t know about this , but Asia is very interesting and amazing place to visit, oh If I could do this!

  17. Wow, this looks like such an incredible place to visit! I would love to go exploring here myself one day, after all this COVID-19 stuff finally calms down.

  18. Macau sounds like a destination I need to add to my bucket list and visit once this global mess is over. Your photos are great. The food looks exquisite!

  19. Sounds like amazing place to visit. Would definitely want to go there one day. Love the food.

  20. I have visited Macao and it is so wonderful. The beaches, the buildings and the amazing display of shimmering lights everything is so amazing and entertaining. I loved the pictures in your article. You wrote about the place very well.

  21. Macau is in my travel bucket list! We would love to go there and enjoy the beaches and foods.

  22. ive been to macau once, and the place is really beautiful because i love the architecture. <3 so much things to see. i also love the free rides around the city…

  23. I would so love to visit the beaches in Macau. They seem so beautiful and refreshing.

  24. While Macau is such a small city there is so much to see and do – casinos, hotels, local food, and Portuguese heritage sites… Thanks for sharing with us and please write more about this place in the future! – Knycx Journeying

  25. I visited Macau as a weekend getaway from HK! Although I had no time to check the beaches – would love to visit Cheoc Van!

  26. Ya this is such a wonderful place. I love the food and beaches. This is I think a perfect honeymoon destination.

  27. This is so great! This looks like an incredible place to visit one day. Macau looks very beautiful Thanks for the information.

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