Filipino Favorites at Ombu Kusina

When it comes to Filipino food, I’m very particular with taste. I grew up eating this type of cuisine along with Italian, Japanese and American food. Recently, I saw a restaurant which caters to Filipino loving foodies with a twist! Ombu Kusina, formerly known as Ombu Modern Filipino Restaurant highlights Filipino favorites with a modern take on it.

My Ombu Kusina Experience

The restaurant features freshly-prepared traditional and modern Filipino cuisine that’s guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds and bellies. The local favorites and foreign dishes were given a new twist by adding a unique and distinctive Filipino touch.

Ombu Kusina interiors

The revamped menu features hashtag worthy sections that will definitely give you a hard time to order. Everything in the menu is worth the price! Here are some of the handpicked dishes that I tried during my visit:

I tried the Organic Tamarind Juice as my refreshment.

Pizza & Pasta

Under this section, I tried the famous Sisig Pizza which is composed of pork sisig, sunny side up egg and garlic sauce drizzle. This is perfect for sharing and a party starter for any occasion. This one is an ACE for me.

Sisig Pizza

You can also try Ombu’s All Meat Pizza and Lambanog Cream Penne. If you love fish, Sardine Pizza and Tinapang Bangus Spaghettini are the perfect choices.

Main Entree (Pork and Beef)

In this part of the menu, I was really curious to try the Angus Bistek. I love to cook especially my own healthy version of beef steak. Using a certified angus beef balanced with a hint of calamansi and soy sauce, this dish is an instant HIT. Although personally, I really prefer the sauce to be darker and more buttery in taste.

Angus Bistek

Adobochon was divine! The meat is juicy while maintaining the crispiness of the pig skin. It was paired with papaya atchara and special sauce. It’s an ACE for me.


Other favorites includes Lechon Kare-Kare and Crunchy Tadyang.

Main Entree (Chicken & Seafood)

I tried the Flamed Chicken. It was so flavorful and served in a sizzling plate. The dish will be torched in front of you thus creating a flamed effect further cooking the chicken meat. Lambanog was used to flame the chicken. An ACE for me.

Flamed Chicken

You may also try Herb Crusted Mahi-Mahi and Baked Prawns on this section. If you’re a health buff, you may also give Pan Fried Sea Bass with Mango Salsa a try.

Vegetable and Rice

I did the extreme and paired all of my dishes with Dilis Rice. It’s a lightly flavored rice topped with crispy anchovies. If you love that crunch on each spoonful of rice, this is the right choice for you. A HIT for me.

Dilis Rice

If you’re a fan of eggplant, try Tortang Talong and Binagoongang Talong. It will never let you down.


My most favorite part would always be the dessert. The most popular choice would be Frozen Brazo De Mercedes. Every heavenly layers of frozen soft meringue, custard filling, ice cream and crumbly graham cracker crust harmonizes in each spoonful. I can eat three servings in one seating! It’s an ACE for me.

Frozen Brazo De Mercedes

You may also try their Mocha Sansrival which is a layered cashew nut meringue filled and iced with mocha buttercream.

What’s your gastronomic experience with Ombu Kusina?

I believe that this place will be a huge favorite of mine in the future. I hope to comeback soon. To know more about the brand, check out the official social media accounts below:
Facebook: Ombu Kusina
Instagram: ombu_kusina

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  1. Ombu Kusina looks like they have so many tempting and mouthwatering menu items. It seems like everything you ordered was a hit. Glad it didn’t disappoint!

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    And yes, I’m a fan of eggplant, so I’d probably order the torta one. This is in QC pala, along Mother Ignacia. Might drop by soon.

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  18. Yummy and my favorite is dry fish (Tortang Talong and Binagoongang Talong) with rice here in Indonesia we called that dry fish “ikan terry” we will put sambal. It’s so tasty.

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