A Taste of Spain: Afternoon Snacks from Wobbly Pan

Wobbly Pan, a family owned business, means an old cooking pan passed down from one generation to another. The owners got its inspiration from the family’s cooking pans that have become wobbly from constant use and movement, yet remains durable in a changing environment. Just like these pans, this Spanish inspired restaurant is here to stay.

What’s your favorite merienda?

Located at the ground floor of Shangri-La Mall, I became a regular customer in this restaurant. Their menu features a wide array of Spanish favorites such as paella, tapas, sopa & ensalada, and pasta. Recently, I tried their new afternoon delights from their merienda menu.

Tomate was my appetizer. It’s smoky fresh tomatoes with hefty amount of spices. This soup helps stimulate your appetite making you more hungry for your next meal. It warms not just your tummy but also your soul. It’s no secret that I love tomato-based dishes and this soup clearly is in my ACE list.

Do you also like tomato-based soups?

Empanadas De Pollo consists of golden brown flaky crust empanada filled with chicken, potatoes, and raisins, served with tomato salsa. This has to be one of the best empanadas I tried for a long time. It was not oily and it’s cooked perfectly. The salsa gave another dimension to the empanada as it leaves a sweet tangy taste at each bite. I’ll give this one a HIT.

One of the best chicken empanadas that I have tried in the metro.

Bocadillos De Gambas features a medium-sized garlic shrimps with tomatoes, lettuce, and jalapeños on a special baguette bread, served with potato chips on the side. I really had a struggle eating this as it is jampacked with lots of fresh ingredients. Taste wise, it was great however I wish the lettuce was served on the side instead. That’s just my take on it. I’ll give this one a HIT.

It was such a mess eating Bocadillos De Gambas but it does hit the spot! So good!
Bocadillos De Gambas was such a beauty!

Ensaimada is a pastry product that originated from Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. In Wobbly Pan, they added a twist to this classic! Croissant Ensaimada features a flaky texture pastry with light buttercream, cheddar and manchego cheese filling. This is perfectly paired with a cup of your favorite coffee. I have to say that it did not disappoint. I’ll give this one an ACE.

Croissant Ensaimada
Do you like your Croissant Ensaimada flaky?

Who can never resist Sangria? It’s a staple order for me every time I visit Wobbly Pan. It’s a combo of red wine, rum, pineapple juice, triple sec, apple, orange. You can have it per glass or on a pitcher (It’s good for sharing. In my case, I can finish it myself). It’s one of my favorite Sangria in town. HIT for me.

How many glasses of Sangria can you finish?

Overall, I’m really satisfied with my visit. The new merienda menu featured classic favorites with a twist. Apart from its uniqueness, it surely captures the Filipino palate. To know more about the restaurant and their upcoming promos, follow them on their official social media accounts:
Instagram: wobblypan
Facebook: Wobbly Pan Spanish Bistro

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  1. AWw yeah. I could eat my weight in that food! You guys have some amazing restaurants over there, man.

  2. I haven’t tried these dishes yet but it looks sumptuous! I can’t wait to travel in the Philippines to personally try them. I’m eyeing on those ensaimadas.

  3. I want to try their Bocadillos De Gambas. This is the first I heard about the dish. I agree. There’s too much veggies in there! It does look good though.

  4. It seems like a nice place to visit, and the food looks really delicious. It makes me hungry!

  5. Those food items look really good! I hope to try this restaurant when it’s already safe to do so. I like the empanadas and the ensaimada; I’ll surely have those.

  6. I would love to try the Croissant Ensaimada. I was super excited about the empanadas until I saw the raisins. I wonder if I could get them without. All in all, this place looks like a great option for a meal!

  7. Wow! It is indeed a taste of Spain! Gambas, paella, sangria! Now we are talking!

  8. Enjoyed your definition of the wobbly pan- an old cooking pan passed down from one generation to another. Sounds like delicious recipes passed on through generations- must be good!

  9. Sangria is such a staple! All these foods look great and have made me very hungry!

  10. Everything looks delicious! We have to drop by this place next time we go to our aunt’s place. She lives near Shangri-La Mall, so that’s a perfect reason to try what Wobbly Pan has to offer. (BTW, that bowl of tomato soup looks too good to resist.)

  11. Yes! I looooove tomato-based soups. As a vegetarian, they are one that I’m always happy to see on the menu!

  12. All this food looks amazing! My husband and I are heading to Spain this year and I can’t wait to get my teeth into the local food! It’s been way to long.

  13. I love tasty food from different countries. Definitely, I want to eat these small pies and everything with shrimp! Thank you for inspiration!

  14. Thank you for sharing these amazing Spanish dishes. They look so tasty. They honestly make me want to visit just to have a bite.

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