AN OPPORTUNITY HAS OPENED UP! Pizza Pedrico’s launches “Club Paborito” Community Dealerships

This has been a very challenging year for everyone. Back when everything was normal, if we are craving for a nice slice of pizza or our favorite milk tea, we would just go out and buy it whenever we like. The problem, nowadays, is that people are more cautious in going out of their homes, most restaurants and food businesses are closed, and some already lost their jobs due to this pandemic.

Have you tried Pizza Pedrico’s?

Recently, I discovered Pizza Pedrico’s, a pizza brand recognized as one of the Top 13 Brands in the Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise Hall of Fame, is now bringing savory and yummy pizza paborito flavors at the comforts of your home and community. Pizza Pedrico’s is one of the most recognizable pizza brands in the Philippines for introducing its signature 4Pizza-in-a-Box concept and having more than 1300 serving stations nationwide.

What’s your favorite flavor?

Pizza Pedrico’s recently launched “PIZZA PEDRICO’S CLUB PABORITO” Community Dealership Program as a way to satisfy the pizza cravings of their customers while at the safety of their homes and communities and provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and negosyantes nationwide an additional source of income.

I like my pizza golden brown and slightly toasted.

The frozen-fresh pizza is delicately made with the freshest and most premium ingredients. It’s inspected numerous times to ensure quality and is delivered safely in the comforts of your home. I tried different paborito flavors namely Cheez and Cheez, Ham and Cheez, Chorizo and Cheez, Ham + Sausage and Cheez, Ham + Pineapple and Cheez, Sausage + Pepperoni and Cheez and Garlic Mushroom Melt. What I like about it is that it’s 100% cheesier! The actual cheese melts as you toast or bake it in the oven. The crust is not too hard and soft enough to chew. The toppings are fresh and it just gives a savory flavor. It’s definitely an ACE for me! Affordable na, masarap pa!

Pepperoni and Cheez
Garlic Mushroom Melt
Ham and Cheez
Ham + Sausage and Cheez
Ham + Pineapple and Cheez

I have noticed that this program opens a lot of opportunities, especially to young mompreneurs and aspiring young entrepreneurs. Through the PIZZA PEDRICO’S CLUB PABORITO, not only that they can enjoy the affordable and tasty pizza selections but also earn additional income for their families. It is open to all qualified individuals/groups who want to be part of the OFFICIAL CLUB PABORITO DEALER COMMUNITY. Apart from the affordable price points, it showcases the FRESHNESS, QUALITY, and EASY PREPARATION of their pizza. EASY TAKE & BAKE PIZZA PABORITO at the comforts of your home. It is surely my PIZZA PABORITO at PABORITO NG LAHAT!

It’s super easy to become a Club Paborito Dealer. Start Your PIZZA PEDRICO’S CLUB PABORITO Community Dealership for Only P5,000 + Freezer! Just follow the step-by-step guidelines below:

  1. Accomplish the Membership Application Form;
  2. Photo(s) of your 11 cuft and above Storage Freezer; and
  3. Avail of our Pizza Pedrico’s Club Paborito Starter Set.
  4. Sign on the Memorandum of Agreement

Choose from these best-selling Pizza Paborito flavors: Ham+Pineapple and Cheez, Ham and Cheez, Cheez and Cheez, or Sausage+Pepperoni and Cheez. You’re not only satisfying yourself and your family, but you are also satisfying the people in your community! So, what are you waiting for? SIGN-UP NOW! This is surely an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss!

SIGN-UP thru this link [] and a Club Paborito Representative will contact you as soon as possible.

For your Paborito Pizza business opportunity, you may reach them thru these hotlines: Manila [02] 8442-9444; Cebu [032] 520-8811; Davao [082] 295-7943 or 0925-511-9444 for mobile users. Be sure to follow them on their social media pages for your Paborito updates: Facebook [], Instagram [@pizzapedricos], and Twitter [@PizzaPedricos].


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  1. Before reading this post, I hadn’t heard of Pizza Pedrico’s before. It is impressive how well they have performed and expanded in the Philippines. Their Club Paborito initiative developed during the course of the pandemic really does sound very innovative. Hopefully, this will be as successful as their original business model and become something that the people of the country can all benefit from.

  2. That’s a great idea. I hope it takes off. It seems like the perfect way to help customers get their pizza on and still keep everything safe.

  3. Love to hear about the Pizza brand. The pizzas look very tasty and delectable. The fact that they are performing in business is appreciated. And they must have innovative ideas else expansion is tough.

  4. Mmmm. Looks so delicious to munch on. I am very much salivating at the sight of those pizzas. I also very much love the mini-sized element to it – makes it perfect to snack on. We need something like that here in the UK so hopefully Pizza Pedrico’s can expand here one day!

  5. Wow! This brand looks promising, the pizza definitely looks so delicious and enticing. The small size makes this so much adorable to eat, the texture is so mesmerizing. I love everything about this pizza.

  6. This is such a cool idea. I love their sizes, and the opportunity to become a community dealership opens up a lot of possibilities for people.

  7. I am a big fan of pizza here! And I have to say that they look really really good with their thick crust.

  8. They all look so yummy 🙂 Pizza is one of my favourite foods and I usually prefer mini ones 🙂

  9. Great information. It’s my first time to hear about this brand so I might take a look at this first. But the pizza products look delicious!

  10. Wow! This mini pizza is really something else, from the looks of it and the ingredients. Definitely looks so delicious and so enticing. I’ll check this out and will definitely buy it for the family.

  11. Those look really good! I love the personal pizzas with thicker dough anyway, not something I have very often, but hey, we have to indulge at times, don’t we? Blessings!

  12. I had not heard of this company before. It looks to be an interesting opportunity. Someone who is interested can find a great jumping-off point in your blog to start their research from.

  13. Those pizzas are so cute! I haven’t heard of this brand before and it sounds delicious. I would love to try these with the kids.

  14. Sounds like a good business deal. I will let my daughter know. She and her husband are seriously considering going on a food business. I think this would be a good investment.

  15. Since the global pandemic hits. Businesses definitely look out for ways to still serve and operate. Now, dealerships and delivery makes most businesses work.

  16. This looks like a great opportunity to make money selling a premium product. I wonder if this opportunity will continue as the pandemic slows down.

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