Carbonara Restaurant in Bohol

Did you know that there’s a new pasta place in Bohol? Yes! You heard it right. Carbonara Restaurant owned by Luca is Bohol’s first cheese wheel place home for authentic Italian pasta. Located at the Airport Road, Panglao, Bohol, it’s one of the new budding restaurants in the area.

Do you like your carbonara zesty?

The chef creams the pasta inside a huge parmesan wheel as depicted below. All ingredients used are authentic Italian. Toppings of choice will then be added after. Some of the best sellers include basil pesto & ricotta cheese and bacon toppings.

Do you like it creamed?
Carbonara Restaurant uses huge parmesan wheel to cream the pasta.

Apart from the delicious fresh pasta, they also sell different kinds of cheese such as pecorino, smoked cheese, blue cheese, parmesan, maasdam swiss, gouda, cheddar, camembert, burrata, and ricotta. Other items include djion mustard, spicy salami, salame milano and pancetta arrotolata at their deli section.

Isn’t this so good?

Carbonara is basically made from egg, hard cheese, cured pork and black pepper. In this case, Carbonara Restaurant uses high grade Italian parmesan cheese to cream the cooked pasta. You can assure that apart from the delicate preparation of the dish, all ingredients are of high quality and fresh. It’s a comfort food ready to be indulged at any moment. If you want to have a cheat day or just splurge on good food, just go to Carbonara Restaurant!

Baked Lasagna

One thing I can assure is that it’s a HIT for me! I love Italian cuisine and this brings back memories from my last visit in Rome, Italy. The food is well plated and executed properly. The flavors are balanced and the texture of the pasta is always al dente.

Are you craving for this?

They are open from Wednesday to Sunday for dine-in and delivery at 12 noon to 9 pm. To know more about the restaurant, check out their social media pages below:
Facebook: Carbonara Restaurant
Instagram: carbonara.bohol

Special mention to Winn Mortejo Photography for the great photos commissioned by Carbonara Restaurant. Follow him at winnforshort on Instagram.

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  1. Oh wow, it must be my lack of imagination..I never knew Carbonara could be broken down into different varieties. I’m not much into it, but seeing this makes me crave for it. Sayang, ang layo. Maybe when we visit Bohol, we can check this out. After all, it’s in our list of to-go-to places.

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  4. I always choose Carbonara whenever I go to Olive Garden. It is always so filling and you can never go wrong. I can’t imagine there being an entire restaurant dedicated to it. Hmm, I need to head to the Philippines sometime soon and check this place out myself!

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