Christmas Presents that the Coffee Lover in Your Life will Thank You for

Everyone has that one person in their life who simply can’t seem to function until they’ve had their morning coffee, and whilst most people tend to enjoy a cup of coffee or a pumpkin spiced latte once in a while.

Do you like your coffee hot or cold?

Others take their coffee far more seriously and would consider it a crime to be served some freeze dried Nescafe, and wouldn’t want to be caught dead in a Starbucks, so if you have one of these people in your personal life and are struggling to find a gift that will make them love you this Christmas, then don’t worry because we’ve got you covered.

Here is a list of our favorite ideas for Christmas presents that the coffee-lover in your life will thank you for:

A Gourmet Coffee Hamper:

Hampers are a really great way to give someone a gift that’s truly thoughtful and personal because it contains a lovely selection of all the things they really enjoy.

For this reason hampers as gifts have become hugely popular in recent years, and many places have started selling pre-made hampers for all manner of things, whether it be baby products as baby shower gifts or even wedding and engagement hampers with lots of lovely items for the new bride and groom – no matter the event, you can find a beautiful hamper as a gift.

Coffee beans

If you want to get a little bit more creative, then you can make it even more personal and make the hamper yourself – you can select coffee products that the coffee-lover in your life will really love make them something completely unique.

An Espresso Machine:

Anyone who takes their coffee seriously is someone who loves a good espresso, and they absolutely know what they like when it comes to this. So, if you really want to give a gift they’re going to love, but perhaps they haven’t yet purchased for themselves, then why not consider an espresso machine?

Latte art demonstration during the coffee sensory tour of the Academy.

When it comes to espresso machines, there are so many online and offline that you can choose from, so if you’re not really sure what the different terminology is for things or what you’re actually looking for when it comes to finding the best espresso machines, then a good place to start is with checking out some espresso machine reviews to get you started. Another good place to look would be a specialist coffee site that takes you through what to look for in an espresso machine. You can click here for details of one such site.


If you just want to keep things simple with your gift, then you could consider getting some gourmet coffee. Again, there are lots of options to choose from online, so it does help if you know a bit about coffee or can speak to someone who’s more experienced in this area to help you.

They’ll be able to guide you through the different options for things like which coffee works best depending on the type of machine being used, and also what type of coffee they like to make, for example a full-bodied espresso or something a little more subtle.

Coffee Accessories:

You’ll often find that coffee lovers are quite picky about the things they use to prepare and drink their coffee. Much like beer experts will only drink certain beers from certain glasses, coffee works the same way.

I always use good ceramics with my coffee.

You can find a beautiful and extensive range of coffee accessories, such as clay or ceramic mugs that are handmade, serving spoons, coffee pots, and even things like funny coffee artwork that all coffee lovers can relate to.

Do you sugar in your coffee?

Choosing Christmas presents for people who are quite specific in the things they like can often pose a bit of a challenge, but these tips should at least provide you with a good foundation for the best ways to impress the coffee lover in your life.

20 thoughts on “Christmas Presents that the Coffee Lover in Your Life will Thank You for”

  1. An espresso machine sounds like it would be such a great product to buy as a gift! I have to look into it more and see about getting it for my friend for the holidays.

  2. Coffee accessories are fun. I have a client that is amazing fall treats for coffee this holiday

  3. I receive gourmet coffee from my kids. Everyone in the family knows I love my coffee, so it’s always good for a gift idea. 🙂

  4. Finding the best espresso machine can be so intimidating sometimes!! Thank you for including a helpful link for me to explore! I hope to buy one this holiday season

  5. As a long time coffee lover, I can confirm that all of these gifts are, indeed, awesome. You’ve got a great selection here.

  6. Totally agree, as myself is also a coffee lover and stuffs like this will definitely make them not to forget you and will forever be grateful. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful presents this coming Christmas. Hope to get one.

  7. This looks like a perfect Christmas gift for me. I love coffee and I am obsessed with coffee accessories…I am going to gift these to myself. Thanks!

  8. Oh, I love the idea of a special coffee mug for a present. We could even pair it with coffee beans and other fun accouterments. Thank you for the idea.

  9. I am very much a caffeine addict so this is right up my street. Maybe I will buy a present for myself this Christmas haha. Thanks for sharing this post.

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