M Bakery Launches Limited-Edition Choc Nut Banana Pudding

The iconic banana pudding dessert from New York gets a spin-off with Manila’s classic Choc Nut treat. M Bakery’s new limited-edition choc nut banana pudding will surely inspire Filipino or Pinoy childhood nostalgia. There’s nothing more iconic or legend as a Filipino dessert treat than this nutty chocolate flavor and crumbly texture of Choc Nut, a fan-favorite , well-received and popular chocolate-peanut candy that every Filipinos grew up with.

Limited-Edition Choc Nut Banana Pudding from M Bakery

Last August 15, 2019 at Bonifacio Global City, I had the chance to try the Limited-Edition Choc Nut Banana Pudding at M Bakery. The Manila-exclusive banana pudding flavor is made from freshly picked bananas, creamy vanilla pudding, vanilla wafers layered with swirls of yummy Choc Nut butter and real Choc Nut bar crumbs.

It took us a few tries to perfect the balance of our banana pudding flavor with the distinct sweetness of the Choc Nut bar. We know how much Filipinos enjoy the unique and rich taste of ground peanuts, milk powder, cocoa and sugar with every bite of the nostalgic Choc Nut bar, and we are ecstatic for our fans to try this special, new and limited-edition flavor that they can indulge in.

– Chef Candy Lu

As part of the first anniversary of M Bakery, they are inviting its local fans to join them on August 21, 2019 for Manila’s first-ever National Banana Pudding Day where this new Choc Nut Banana pudding flavor will be made available.

Isn’t this too yummy? Let’s dig in!

“We are very excited to launch our famous banana pudding dessert in an iconic flavor that is close to the hearts and taste buds of every Filipino,” said Stewart Ong, Franchise Partner of M Bakery. He also mentioned that the taste of Choc Nut offers a distinct flavor that reminds every Pinoy of their fun childhood memories. It’s a great innovation from the most popular product using a local flavor that does not only offer consumers a different way to enjoy the taste they already love but also brings them great memories with every spoonful.

Choc Nut Banana Pudding

The Choc Nut Banana Pudding will be available only on a limited period. This is in line with the celebration of the National Banana Pudding Day to be hosted by M Bakery on August 21, 2019. This also serves as a commemoration of the store’s first anniversary celebration since it opened its doors to Manila. As part of the occasion, the store will be running an exclusive promotion for its loyal fans. Every customer who buys any size of the Choc Nut Banana Pudding flavor on August 21 will be entitled to join the raffle where five (5) lucky winners will each get a complimentary one-year supply of M Bakery’s Famous Classic Banana Pudding. One (1) large tub of Classic Banana Pudding per month from September 2019 to August 2020 will be at stake!

Are you ready for the raffle draw? Make sure you buy at least one (1) of any size of the Choc Nut Banana Pudding flavor on August 21 will be entitled to join.

M Bakery is located at Lower Ground, One Bonifacio High Street Mall, 5th Avenue corner 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City. Since its launch in the Philippines in 2018, M Bakery, Manila’s latest hit bakeshop, has introduced several local flavors that has given the Filipino palate a tease of unique local flavors blended with New York’s iconic desserts. From introducing the Calamansi Cheesecake and Calamansi Ice Box Bar to the launch of its Ube cake and cupcake, M Bakery has truly provided the local flavor its own flair.

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