Saucy Pork Ribs from Santiago’s Best

What comes into your mind if we talk about pork ribs? My thought bubble spells out saucy, juicy and spicy! Recently, I discovered a home cook that makes huge servings of tasty and succulent pork ribs delivered to the comfort of your homes – Santiago’s Best.

What are you looking for pork ribs?

Cyril Santiago‘s pork ribs are made with a special rub and cooked slowly to keep them nice and juicy. It is coupled with a hefty serving of homemade sauce that makes it more enjoyable to eat.

Yummy isn’t it?

I usually look for meaty pork ribs wherein it is not cut close to the bone and there’s juicy meat that can still be chewed. The meat should also separate easily from the bone. Santiago’s Best got both of it. It’s an ACE for me.

Do you know that they offer seasonal food items too like Pork Sisig? It’s made with minced pork belly, onions, liver, mascara and pig ears. Eggs can be added as an option. It’s a HIT for me.

To know more about the brand, check out their official social media pages:
Facebook: Santiago’s Best

25 thoughts on “Saucy Pork Ribs from Santiago’s Best”

  1. Those look absolutely delicious! I’m a big rib fan, so I’m always on the lookout for new ways to enjoy them. I’d love to try this.

  2. When I think of pork ribs I think of summer and grilling. I prefer meaty pork ribs too, but I haven’t had them for a while. Santiago’s ribs look super delicious.

  3. The disk looks yummy. Your preparation is superb, can make out from the photograph. I am not a regular pork eater, but I can figure out it must be real delicious.

  4. Omg I love pork ribs and those look so good. I will need to order some food now

  5. Yum!! These look delish. They’re going to be a hit at home. My hubby loves finger-licking, saucy food.

  6. Wow, they look so yummy just from your great picture, and it’s been some time that I have ribs! Because we don’t go out for dinner as much these days and we don’t usually make such complicated dish @ home – thanks for sharing! – Knycx Journeying

  7. Wow those ribs really delicious. they got me hungry I need to go to the fridge now and look for speribs I could cook.

  8. This looks so delicious!!! My husband will flip when I make him this. Thanks for the recipe.

  9. THis reminded me that I havent had pork since 7 months.. They look super yummy.. I would love to try them..

  10. My other half is a massive fan of the ribs so these are right up his street for sure x

  11. Wow! your post is mouthwatering! Although i dont cook a lot but i will try this one tonight, thanks for the tips:)

  12. Goodness. You made me crave for those juicy, saucy ribs! They look so mouth watering. I will definitely have some delivered today, so I can take a break from cooking and still give my family a delicious meal!

  13. Mmmm! ribs looking amazing! The kind of thing that would make me eat meat again, haha.

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