5 Reasons Every Guy Should Visit Sydney

The world is a vast place, and the choices of where to go for our next holiday are endless. This is especially true now when we get to explore new places, as it’s very popular to visit Asia or Africa. However, there’s one place that has been a popular tourist destination for decades now, and it’s still one of the most exotic and different spots out there. Yes, we’re talking about Sydney, the greatest and most beautiful city in Australia. If you had a plan to visit this spectacular place at least once in your lifetime, the right time is now, as it indeed caters for everyone’s needs. Not convinced yet? Take a look at these 5 reasons that will definitely make you book that plane ticket and accommodation!

The waterfront restaurants are amazing

The food scene of Australia is everything but boring, and the one in Sydney is even more interesting. Why? Even though it is home to some of the most diverse and luxurious restaurants, Sydney has a secret weapon – its extremely beautiful waterfront restaurants that overlook the ocean and the Sydney Opera House. Some of them are so popular that you will have to book your table months in advance, so make sure to know when and where you want to go. You can opt for an ocean-view breakfast, lunch or dinner and all of these are unique in their own way.

What’s your favorite Sydney hangout place?

Aussies are very fashionable

Even though you won’t be visiting Sydney because of shopping, it would be such a shame not to browse through some of the best shops in this great city. Australians are known to be men of style, so it would be a great idea to get yourself something here that’s top-notch quality and that you know will last for a long time. That is why opting for tailored suits in Sydney is a perfect idea! Not only will you be getting yourself something completely custom-made that you will wear on formal events, but you will also look like a million dollars as the tailors here really know what they’re doing.

Tailored suit anyone?

The Sydney Opera House is a must

Yes, this might sound like a cliché tip, but going to Sydney and not visiting this legendary place just doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter if you want to sightsee the landmarks of Sydney or not, this is definitely a stop that’s worth making. It will not take much of your time (unless you really want to), and you can always relax in some of its coffee places or restaurants nearby. You can hit the outdoor Opera Bar and have a glass of champagne while watching the landing planes. Allocating two hours for this is something that you should definitely do as you won’t regret it.

S&S – Sunbathe and surf

Surfing is one of the national sports of Australia, so if you’re up for a challenge, you can try it out. After all, if you’re already here, why not try it? Surfing is a possible choice for amateurs as well, as you can head the Bondi beach, a very popular touristic destination, and look for a surfing lesson that lasts only 2 hours. This beach is great for both amateurs and pro surfers. However, if you don’t want to experience surfing, you can also head here to sunbathe and enjoy the great ocean, swim a bit, or even snorkel. There are also nice bars by the beach where you can have a cocktail or any other type of drink.

Want to surf?

See koala bears

If you go road-tripping throughout Australia, then it’s possible that you will bump into a kangaroo, but this will never happen with koala bears. And it would be a shame not to see them, don’t you think? Even though there are plenty of zoos all across Australia and near Sydney, make sure to find the Taronga Zoo, one of the most popular zoos in the Land Down Under. It is located next to the Sydney Harbour and is home to many indigenous species. It also offers safari-style nights, so if you’re up for an adventure, you can also spend the night in the zoo!

There definitely is a plethora of things to do in Sydney, but make sure to have your priorities straight. Enjoy the nightlife, see the most important landmarks, and try to find something authentic. Have a great trip!

Guest Post by Peter who is a travel editor at Men-Ual magazine. Beside blogging he worked as a travel journalist for many publications around UK & AU. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

22 thoughts on “5 Reasons Every Guy Should Visit Sydney”

  1. Shoot, even as a woman, I find these reasons compelling! It sounds like a blast for sure!

  2. Sydney has been on my list for a long time now. I may just go ahead and move it up on the list after reading this!

  3. I’d love to try one of the waterfront restaurants near the Opera House. Thanks for the tip about making reservations months in advance! I’ve been wanting to visit Sydney for quite a while now, and hopefully soon.

  4. I always wanted to go to Sydney as see the iconic Opera. It looks amazing. Moreover, the river front looks pretty, I would definately find some restaurant for a divver there or grab a beer. I hope I will visit there one day.

  5. Well, here is one guy who has been to Sydney and I couldn’t agree with you anymore. Although my trip was a short 3-day stopover, I did manage to hit all the main spots. Life in Sydney is along the waterfront, be it the local market or the bars. A visit to Bondi, even though it is too commercial, is essential. I was there on a hot summer day in my jeans and shirt, with no time to take in the sun, unfortunately, but I loved the vibe. Some great pointers, and next time I want to experience a bit more of their culinary culture.

  6. I’m not a guy… but my friend and I were just in Sydney last year and had a blast! It was lovely but quite touristy and were told that Melbourne is the place to go next time. Still recommending Sydney to anyone who hasn’t been though since the food is absolutely great on the harbour and your totally right about how fashionable the people are!

  7. I am a tad biased Sydney is our home town. It is such a beautiful city and the harbour is just magic. The best thing to do apart from sailing around the harbour is to take the ferry to Taronga Zoo and see the koalas and kangaroos. The giraffe enclosure has the most magnificient view. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Sydney looks amazing but unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to visit during my last AUS visit. The main reason why I wanted to go is to see the iconic Opera you mentioned in this list. Hopefully, there will be next time. Thank you for sharing these lovely recommendations.

  9. I’m not sure why you’ve titled this ‘guy’ when girls would just as much like to visit Sydney! It looks very fashionable and I especially like the restaurants too. I hope to visit myself one day soon.

  10. I too agree that there are many beautiful reasons to enchanting Sydney. Thanks for sharing all convincing reasons to visit Sydney. Waterfront restaurants of Sydney are my favorite too.

  11. I was nodding vociferously reading every point. I love Sydney for all the reasons you mentioned. I love the youthful and energetic vibe of the city. BTW the reasons are true for anyone, not just boys 😛

  12. I love Sydney. My fave places in Sydney is the Opera house as well as hanging out at Kings Cross every night to people watch. It is a great travel destination!

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