Grass-fed Beef Burgers Health Benefits

When it comes to eating burgers, it is always thought to be harmful to health. However, if you have added healthy ingredients to these burgers, you can get many useful nutrients from them. One of the healthiest forms of the burger is grass fed beef burger.    

Beef is deemed as one of the most protein-rich food. Beef also contains omega-3 fatty acids and many other micronutrients. These days, you can find grass-fed as well as conventional meat in markets. Those who are conscious about their health know that the grass-fed beef is highly useful for health as compared to conventional meat. Today, we are going to discuss some of the salient benefits of grass-fed beef.

  1. It helps you refrain from obesity:

Burgers are usually thought to have contributed a lot in increasing the obesity rate among people. One of the active ingredients in burgers that contribute to weight gain is meat. However, if your burger contains grass-fed beef, you are likely to gain fewer calories and thus, chances to get obese are also lowered. The fat content in grass-fed burger is less hence, the burger’s diet is natural and organic.  

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  1. It balances blood sugar level:

Grass-fed burgers contain an active nutrient which is known as CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). This nutrient plays a major role in many people’s bodies to prevent diabetes and obesity. The insulin sensitivity in the body is also increased that results in balanced blood sugar levels. 

If you want to satisfy your beef burger cravings and want to stay healthy at the same time, consider the meat store grass-fed burgers. 

  1. It provides healthy fats:

We always try to avoid the food rich in fats overlooking the fact that our body needs fats. The beef which is obtained from grass-fed cows usually contains omega 3 fatty acids which are six times more than conventional beef. There are plenty of benefits of omega-3 fatty acids such as alleviating the level of depression and helping the body fight against attention deficit disorders. 

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  1. It decreases the risk of heart diseases:

People usually cut back on the intake of beef dishes just because they think that it has a major contribution to making them suffer from several heart diseases. This is true to some extent as beef contains lots of fats that tend to increase the cholesterol level in the body that consequently becomes the cause of heart-related problems. 

People with cardiovascular diseases don’t ever consider eating beef burgers because of the intimidating facts about beef. The good news for such people is that the grass-fed beef burgers play their role in decreasing the risk of getting heart disease. 

It contains vitamin E which is a great antioxidant. Unlike conventional beef burgers, grass-fed burgers also have a lesser amount of unhealthy fats. This beef also contains lesser or no amount of bad cholesterol thereby, keeping the person safe from cardiovascular diseases. 

23 thoughts on “Grass-fed Beef Burgers Health Benefits”

  1. I love burgers and I didn’t know it had all those benefits. I do love having some veggies with my burgers too.

  2. wow. i had no idea that beef burgers could cause heart problems. or obesity. i guess i will be looking for grass fed beef more now. do you know of any restaurants that use grass fed beef?

  3. Being a vegetarian I obviously never had any beef burgers but I had no clue there were so many health Hazzards in eating beef , will pass this to my meat lover friends! Thanks for the information

  4. I LOVE hamburgers. haha You can always make them more healthy by not having the bun. Either way, grass fed is always a good route to go if you can find it.

  5. My other half loves beef burgers so this is his kind of thing for sure yummy x

  6. I have been eating a ketogenic diet for a little over two and a half years and I love grass-fed beef! It tasts so good and I’m very lucky to have a local butcher who sources all of his meat within 50 miles. This was a great post and I hope that more people realize that there are so many benefits to grass-fed beef burgers! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I don’t eat meat so this doesn’t affect my choices. However, I think it’s a more humane way to feed livestock animals.

  8. Interesting post. I never though of the difference between grass fed cows and those that aren’t. It isn’t normally mentioned on the packaging when you buy the meat as far as i’m aware.

  9. You know why Aussie burgers are the best? Because their meats came from cows that are grass fed, free range as well call it. Healthy and unwanted fats.

  10. Hamburgers are my favourite, but I did not know it they can be healthy too. It looks super good. I have never tried beef burger though!

  11. Though I dont eat beef, I had no idea that it could have some many benefits too. It’s good to know these benefits. Thanks for sharing.

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