Handcrafted Cookies from Dukebox

Cookies has been one of my favorite treats after a tennis match. Luckily, Dukebox sent me few boxes to take away.

Andrea, the owner and baker of this business, is based on Pandacan, Manila. All deliveries are made via Lalamove.

I had a chance to do some mini food styling project for the goodies sent to me by this start-up. Check out my photos along with my verdict on each unique products.

Handcrafted Cookies

I tried three flavors from their signature menu namely Red Velvet, Triple Chocolate and Chocolate Chunk.

So what’s your most favorite cookie flavor? Mine is the classic Triple Chocolate.

I’m not a big fan of Red Velvet flavor in general but Dukebox’s cookies version was not too sweet. I love the texture too. I’ll give this one a HIT. When it comes to Triple Chocolate, it was a clear ACE for me. I just love anything with chocolates on it. It’s perfect for a cup of coffee or tea at any time of the day.

Dukebox can also make any cookies for special occassions. Check out their holiday cookies.

If you’re very safe with your food choices, Chocolate Chunk is the best option for you. It’s the classic chocolate chip cookie that gives you satisfaction at each bite. It’s best paired with a glass of cold milk.

Edible Cookie Dough

So which flavor captured your heart?

Currently, there are five (5) flavors to choose from the edible cookie dough series of Dukebox. Here’s my take on each one:

Triple Chocolate

Same as the cookie, this one is my favorite flavor on the edible cookie dough series. I just love the packaging of Dukebox on their cookie dough jars. They matched black ribbons with gold text. It’s a perfect gift to your friends and family. This one is an ACE for me.

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip is the safest choice for those who are not too exploratory on food. It’s a classic flavor and not too much deviation from the sweet flavor that most Filipinos love. This one is a HIT for me.

Oreo Cookie

I’m a big fan of Oreo Cookie flavor. I can’t stop munching it. It uses real Oreo cookies and it was so tasty! I bet this will be your favorite too. This one is an ACE.

Red Velvet

I actually love the Red Velvet edible cookie dough version than the cookies version. In my opinion, it’s a very nice treat when watching your favorite tennis match. This one is an ACE.


Who doesn’t love S’mores? It’s the kind of flavor that brings back childhood in you. A great option for kids and young at heart too. My verdict? An ACE for this cookie dough flavor.

So have you decided which flavor is your favorite?

Just a reminder though, all cookies should be eaten within one (1) week and the edible cookie dough for six (6) months provided it is properly refrigerated.

I also had a privilege to exclusively interview Andrea. Here are the transcript of our conversation:

TF: What is the concept behind your brand?
DB: I really wanted to build a brand that suits my personality and people will easily distinguish who the owner is. Aside from the fact that Duke is referred to as the Royalty and the royals are mostly associated with gold, Black and Gold are my personal fave colors and my last name is Duque so it’s pretty much convenient for me to build this brand. I mean, they just connect naturally ๐Ÿ˜„

TF: Any significance meaning of your brand? How did you come up with the name?
DB: Since we sell our cookies in a box and my last name is “Duque”, I named it DUKEBOX. Except for the Cookie dough which are packaged in a jar, it was a last minute idea and don’t wanna change the brand name anymore so we just go ahead with it.

TF: What are your current offerings?
DB: We currently offer different flavors of Cookies and Cookie dough. We have recently added two new flavors to our cookie collection – The Birthday Bash and Cinnamon.ย 

TF: Do you have any upcoming new treats for your regular customers? Any products on R&D?
DB: Yes! We are planning to add Cookie Shots to our menu but it’s still on development.

TF: What is your long term vision for the brand?
DB: My long term vision for Dukebox is for it to be well-known and be a reputable brand, to have a number of Physical stores and to go along with other big brands in the market.

TF: If thereโ€™s one flavor that you want to launch, what is it?
DB: Something that will become the official cookie of Dukebox, something black and gold like one of the cookies in our holiday collection (I’m just obsessed with these colors!). Hoping to launch it soon but still in development as well.

TF: What is your target market?
DB: Our target market is those people who loves snacks and desserts specially cookies. We’re also trying our best to make our cookies look good for those who love the gram!

TF: Any plans on putting a permanent store?
DB: Yes! We’ll do it slowly but surely, so you might see us in Bazaars this year first and once we’ve established a good reputation and trust with our customers, we’ll start working on our Physical store next.

I’m always happy to promote local and start up businesses. I really hope that this venture will grow and eventually expand into a permanent store. Catch them soon on bazaars nearby the metro!

To know more about the brand, follow and like their official social media pages:
Facebook: Dukebox
Instagram: dukebox_mnl

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