Vanillacab Delights’ Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

Making my own cupcakes and brownies reduces my stress off the court. I also love supporting home bakers and trying their own pastries. Recently, I discovered a luscious red velvet cheesecake brownies that will surely produce a mouthwatering sensation – Vanillacab Delights.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

Vanillacab Delights started last September 3, 2019 through Justine Sy, a passionate entrepreneur, who does bazaars and booths occasionally. For every cookie, brownie or banana loaf she bakes, she puts 100% of her efforts, love and happiness that transcends to each box. A customer eats their goodies with full bliss!

Cookies and Healthy Banana Bread

I was so curious about Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies. It was moist and fudgy. Each cheesecake swirls gives a tangy flavor in contrast with the sweet taste of the brownies. The texture was firm yet not too dense. It’s a perfect treat for your king! My verdict: it’s an ACE for me.

It was so yummy!

Apart from the best selling red velvet cheesecake brownies, they also have different cookies to choose from:

Vanillacab Delights Cookies (Grabbed from official account)

Dark Matter – dark cocoa with walnuts and milk chocolate
Snickerish – homemade caramel with toasted peanuts
Space Black – dark cocoa with walnuts and dark chocolate

What’s your most favorite flavor?

Some Mores – compound dark chocolate with a large marshmallow
Better Butterscotch – butterscotch chips with cashews
Gooey’s Cookies – couverture milk and dark chocolate (THE OG)
Oh my, oats! – raw oats with dark chocolate and cinnamon. Peanuts can be added.

Yummy isn’t it?

All of the cookies had their distinct tastes but Space Black and Oh my, oats! are my favorite variants. They had a balanced flavor and great texture. Some Mores was so fun to eat but I wish there’s more small marshmallows to make it fun! The cookies were amazing and I’ll give it a HIT.

Want a slice?

Who doesn’t love banana bread? I’m a sucker for it! It’s best paired with a cup of coffee or a warm tea during the afternoons. Her version of the Healthy Banana Bread would leave you wanting for more! She uses fresh and quality ingredients. Every slice will surely be an ACE.

To know more about the brand, check out their official social media accounts:
Facebook: Vanillacab Delights
Instagram: vanillacabdelights

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  1. All of these cookies look amazingly delish. How many did you eat this holiday season? I had too many to count and now I am working it all off. The banana bread is my favorite tho.

  2. Red Velvet cheesecake brownies sound very appealing. Vanillacab Delights would definitely be a place I’d love to visit and eat some of those brownies!

  3. My waistline is very glad that I’m not anywhere that ‘cookie lady.’ I am a veritable cookie monster, and I love, love, love banana bread. Thanks for sharing a yummy post.

  4. Those Red Velvet Cheesecake brownies are heaven to the palate! I would love to try them soon. The Better Butterscotch cookies will make my husband so happy. He loves butterscotch!

  5. I love red velvet cheesecake brownies! I made something similar on my cooking show on YouTube. So yummy! I need to make them again.

  6. Everything looks great on this page! That Dark Matter and Space Black must be delicious. The red velvet looks good too but I ate too much red velvet as a child (lol)! Thanks for sharing!

  7. “Who doesn’t love banana bread? I’m a sucker for it!” – I have to confess, I can’t recall having ever tried one :0 I’m not a huge fan of bananas, therefore I have never pulled the plug, yet…

  8. It is fun to spend a day in the kitchen and just bake. These turned out looking so pretty!

  9. These are some very nice desserts! I would love to make these. They look so gorgeous!

  10. I am in love with red velvet. So this is a cheesecake and a brownie I definitely would enjoy this!

  11. The food looks fantastic. The red velvet cheesecake brownies are definitely bucket list eats. I love brownies, but never had them in a red velvet cake form. I have made red velvet cake, but never made any brownie with red velvet. Great blog post.

  12. I am not much of a sugar tooth, but your Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies look really tasty! I would love to try them out 🙂

  13. The luscious red velvet cheesecake brownies look incredible. They will surely produce a mouth-watering sensation for me when I make them.

  14. My daughter got me the Dark Matter and the Oh My Oats cookies. She said if I liked it, she will order more. Of course I did! Waiting for next Thursday to get my batch of cookies to be delivered!

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