A Gastronomic Feast Awaits at Katherine’s Cafe

Christmas and New Year are both very busy occasions. Traffic is worse during the last month of the year. People may be more festive, but they also come out in droves; and everyone’s always in a rush to finish something or get somewhere.

The rush is enough to zap the holiday spirit out of you.

But Christmas is also a time best spent with family and loved ones. And there are destinations that somehow embody everything Christmas is about by putting the spotlight back on all the reasons why this season is a season of joy.

Katherine’s Café is one of them.

At Katherine’s Café, the classic ideals of Christmas continue to be celebrated in spite of the holiday rush. The cozy interiors make way for the glitter of tinsel and the cheer of red and green, complemented by the wafting scent of mouth-watering culinary fares. Dining in ushers you into a world of gastronomic indulgence away from the craziness of the season—and you get to enjoy every delectable bite in homey bliss.

“If I had to describe Katherine’s Café in a word, it would be homey. The interiors are designed to be earnest and cozy. Stepping into the restaurant instantly makes you feel like you’re home. The dishes are based on recipes that were inspired by people who really love food and love sharing them. And we’re happy to be able to do so now, especially to those who appreciate flavor and heart in their meals. But you don’t have to take our word for it, visit us at 2nd Floor, Glorietta 3 soon so you can see and experience it all for yourself,”

-Head of Operations, Katherine’s Cafe

But in case you want to enjoy the same epicurean feasts in the comfort of your own home with family or share it with friends and colleagues at work, simply head over or call in to order one of their exclusive Holiday Party Platters.

Choose from three delicious options—Platter A (P6270) which features massive platter of savory Mushroom & Truffle, Seafood Paella and a side of Sesame Tuna Nicoise; Platter B (P5770) which includes juicy Barbecued Thick Cut Ribs, Lasagna, and Blue Cheese & Shrimp Salad; and Platter C, which includes favorites like Roasted Lemongrass Chicken,  Classic Carbonara, and Ceasar Salad.

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Every platter order entitles you to one (1) whole cake of your choice.  

Best of all, you can share the Christmas spirit and make sure you’re indulging in a meal made with love.

Katherine’s Café Party Platters are available for take away only. Each platter is good for 5 to 6 persons. For orders and reservations, please call (02) 946-6133/ 0956 650 7765 or visit Katherine’s Cafe at Ayala Vertis North, Ground Level,  Activity Area.

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  1. I love a restaurant with a homey appeal. I love that you can call ahead and order, should you just wish to dine in at home as a second option.

  2. After reading your post, all i want is to visit this restaurant immediately. I am a fan of seafood paella and platter A is a perfect choice for me, and a cake is a plus.

  3. You made my tummy grumble. It is early morning where I am and goodness, I would go to that cafe if I could right now. The food looks fantastic and the prices are reasonable.

  4. Their menu choices look so easy to break down. I love it when it’s plain and clear like that. What a great idea! 🙂

  5. All of this food looks like it would be so amazing. I always love a great place to eat that offers such good food at some amazing prices.

  6. oh man everything looks amazing. i’m always up to trying something new like this! love it.

  7. Hey, this is really great. I love that they serve yellow rice. Most people don’t and it is a fave of mine.

  8. This place looks and sounds amazing! I would love to visit here so much! Visiting wee cafes is one of my favourite things to do.

  9. Wow this set looks lovely! I’m most curious about the purple cake, I wonder what flavor that is

  10. It sounds like a great place to dine out! I like a homey atmosphere from time to time when I go out to eat- it puts you in a relaxed frame of mind.

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