Koibito’s World of Gelato

Have you ever had that sweet tooth experience where you keep on coming back for more? Recently, I discovered Koibito’s which is close to my heart as it originated from my province – Batangas.

Angelie Lantin Monsale along with her husband followed their passion for food. Koibito’s Artisanal Gelato began with a cute love story that involved tremendous sacrifice on the part of its owner, Roger Monsale. He was an aspiring airline pilot studying in California. That was his childhood dream. But after they got married, his Lipeña wife, Angelina Lantin-Monsale, insisted that they settle in her hometown instead. He then followed his passion in making the best gelato in town!

The dairy milk in California, USA is one of the most tasty Roger has ever had in his life. The gelato that he has enjoyed that were made with California milk were also the best he’s ever had. Inspired by this experiments and continuous developments, he started sharing this indescribable gelato experience in Lipa City as well as during bazaars in Metro Manila.

To strengthen his knowledge in ice cream and gelato making, he went to Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna, Italy for the month-long intense training and internship. It was a fruitful journey and Koibito’s are now producing customized gelatos apart from the special and premium gelatos available in the store.

Koibito’s store at Lipa City, Batangas

All of the gelato they produced are fresh every day. The small batches are made to ensure freshness. You can always inquire to check their available flavors for the day. Made with high quality fresh milk from Batangas and fresh ingredients from around the world, it will surely captivate your hearts in every spoonful!

Here are some of the best flavors I tried in Koibito’s:

My favorite flavor of all time would be Cashew Butter. I keep on coming back for it. It was the first time I tried the flavor and I always recommend it to my friends. It was not sweet and it’s very creamy. For those who are very conservative in flavor choices, I suggest you try this. This is an ACE for me.

If you love coffee, try the Kapeng Barako flavor which will definitely let you stay awake for few hours. It’s another way of enjoying your coffee. If you love drinking coffee, try the affogato instead. Both are HITS for me.

Cashew Butter with Kapeng Barako

Any chocolate lovers here? They also have Chocolate Tablea which will surely be the perfect flavor for rainy days. This recipe took 3 years to perfect as there are varying variety and quality of tablea available in the market. This flavor will surely not disappoint. This is an ACE for me.

Cashew Butter with Chocolate Tablea

You can also try their smoothies. I picked Nutty Strawberry. It was so refreshing and so yummy. Although it was a bit heavy, I really love its consistency and texture. It’s a HIT for me.

Nutty Strawberry Smoothie

If you love to experiment or to explore outrageous flavors, try Cookie Monster. The vivid blue color reminds me of the ocean and cookie monster in Sesame Street. It was a trip back to my childhood. It contains cookie bits and bubble gum like flavor. It’s an ACE for me.

Cookie Monster

You can visit them at Ground Level High 5 Square, Ayala Highway, Lipa City, Batangas 4217. You may also catch them at bazaars in Metro Manila. You may also call them at (043)4049626 or 09171500807.

To know their schedule, please visit their official social media pages:

Facebook: Koibito’s World of Gelato
Instagram: @Koibitos
Website: https://koibitos.com

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  1. Wow, this seems like such an interesting experience! I’ve never heard of Kobitos but as a big gelato fan, I have to visit this place! The Cookie Monster sounds like something I would definitely try.

  2. OMG, I would love to go there! Gelato is the greatest sweet treat in the history of sweet treats. You cannot top it. Ever.

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  5. Gelato is very popular here in New Jersey where I live, partially because we are a shore community that loves cold treats, partially because we have large Italian communities, and partially because it just tastes good. I had no idea there was a gelato university.

  6. Right in my mom’s hometown! I will ask aunts and uncles to take me there sometime. The Kapeng Barako flavor is a must try for me!

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  12. The Affogato is divine. I’ve always loved Gelato especially because my first taste of it was in Firenze, Italy. I have never forgotten the experience.

  13. It has been really hot here and a delicious gelato would be an amazing treat during these days! I have to say I had no idea there was a Gelato University in Bologna! I’d love to try the Cookie Monster flavor!

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  16. What a fun place. I love the seating options and your photos look amazing. I especially love the image of the chocolate being poured over the ice cream in the jug.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  17. Oh my gosh, Koibito’s Artisanal Gelato looks sooo amazing! Their gelato looks incredible. I would happily eat gelato every single day if it was reasonable to do so.

  18. this has got to be one of the cutest gelato shops ever! love the seating, the gorgeous photos you took and i enjoy the idea of a waffle chip with your cup of gelato!


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  20. although a little bit pricey compared to ice cream, gelato is known for buttery texture and smooth taste, I believe it has more nutritional value.

    Let’s see, I might drop to koibito’s once i get back in the philippines 🙂

  21. Wow!Just mouthwatering! Cashew Butter with Chocolate Tablea looks yummy!The shop is also nicely decorated.Thanks for introducing!

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