What Your Eating Habits Say About Your Personality

We all eat, but we don’t eat the same way. Each of us has our unique way of eating. Some eat slow, others eat slowly, while there are those who are picky. Some eat one type of food at a time, others mix their food, while there are those who don’t let their food touch each other on the plate. 

Our eating habits tell us a lot about our personality. If you wish to know more about your personality, you can take a personality test. But for now, find out more about yourself by knowing which type of eater you are:

Slow Eater

If you take your time eating your food and enjoying your meal, then you’re a Slow Eater. This means that you don’t hurry to get things done and simply live in the moment.  You make the most out of everything: your daily life, relationship, and work.

Sometimes food is enjoyable when you eat it slow with your partner.

Fast Eater

If you eat quickly and don’t take time to chew your food well, then you’re a Fast Eater. You are the type of person who gets things done fast and is always well ahead of others. You love to multi-task and enjoy healthy competition. You prioritize others and often don’t get quality time for yourself. 

Picky Eater

You are very specific about the kind of food you’re eating. You ask a lot of questions when dining out. Then you are a Picky Eater. You are a type of person who loves staying in your comfort zone, who thrives in the familiar. You prefer jobs, tasks, and relationships that you are comfortable and familiar with.

Kids can sometimes be picky eaters.


The opposite of a picky eater is the Adventurer, who is a person who loves trying out exotic and new types of foods. You have an adventurous spirit and love exploring, taking risks, and proposing new and bold ideas. 


If you carefully place your foods on the plate so that they won’t touch each other, you are an Organizer. In life, at home, and at work, you are very organized. You love keeping things tidy. You are great at keeping track of your tasks and prioritizing things.


An Isolationist is someone who only eats one kind of food at a time. You finish one food first before eating the next type of food. This means that you are detail-oriented and have a unique way of doing things. You are attentive to detail and are very careful about how you do day-to-day and work-related tasks.


The opposite of an Isolationist is a Mixer, who is someone who mixes their food together when eating. This shows that you are the kind of person who takes on responsibilities and is capable of taking on a lot of tasks. However, you tend to over-commit, which makes it hard for you to get organized.

Do you mix well with the crowd?


If you cut your food into pieces first so that it’s easier for you to eat them, then you’re a Preparer. You are a forward-thinking person. You carefully plan your move and you work hard to achieve your long-term goals.


Oversharers are those who eat loudly and chew proudly. If you are an Oversharer, you have a carefree spirit. You are not afraid to be different and you let others know what you think. You are very straightforward and you know exactly what you want.

30 thoughts on “What Your Eating Habits Say About Your Personality”

  1. I am definitely an adventurer. I grew up in the south, where we eat almost anything. I’m a total barbarian. LOL

  2. I grew up in the south so I was able to try all sorts of new foods. It’s an adventure for me everytime we go out!

    I’m always up for trying something different and that means a lot more adventures than most people get when they eat at home or order from restaurants because you never know what will come next on those menus.

  3. I am the fast eater. My son is the picky eater. He’s 13 and I had hoped he’d outgrow some of his pickiness by now.

    1. Can my son be the fast and the picky eater having dual personalities? This morning he was eating his pancakes very quickly, lol. Like…speed train fast. I had to tell him to slow it on down.

  4. I found this post amusing because I can relate to these. I’m more of a slow picky isolationist eater. Then again, it depends on the situation. A buffet meal calls for a different type of eating strategy and a flexible personality. Haha.

  5. As I assess myself, I am a mix of a slow, organize, picky, and isolationist eater. But can be a fast eater sometimes depend on the situation.

  6. I am a mixer. Even my family raises their eyebrows when they see me having food that are not usually eaten together. Haha. The description fits me to a T.

  7. I am a slow eater — have been since I was a child. My cousins would all finish eating and have to wait as I ate the foods I didn’t like bite by bite (or green pea by green pea) LOL

    Fun post!

  8. Excellent article!! Am definitely a mixed eater though used to be very fast. Age has slowed me down :)))

  9. wow interesting i am slow eater or super slow eater !Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. hmmm i’ll have to look at it closer to see if it fits my family. love it.

  11. Glad to learn something new today. Well, I guess I am adventure eater! Cool to learn about different kinds of eater here. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I’m an adventurer through and through. I love trying new foods as much as I love visiting new places. It’s a combo that always keeps my travels interesting.

  13. I had no idea there were so many different styles of eating habits. I have to say I am an adventure eater but I also eat fast. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Wow, what an interesting take on eating habits and personality. I’m a combination of Slow-eater, adventurer, and mixer.

  15. I’m a Fast Eater in a way of rushing my time especially hen I go to work Lol! haahahahha but taking time to eat is important if you don’t have do something to do 🙂

  16. How interesting is this, so informative and who knew that there are so many different types of eating options x

  17. Wow, Love your blog. By the way, I didn’t know this. Very interesting- I guess my eating habits are a mix of 3 personality traits.

  18. This is a fun list and not sure where I am on the list…. I don’t consider myself a super fast eater but I am not slow either. My husband eats super fast….

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