Exclusive Interview with Oana Simion

I was fortunate enough to have an exclusive interview with Oana Simion. She’s currently the ITF World No. 1 female tennis player. Get to know her in the interview below:

Oana Simion’s forehand shot

TF: How and when did you start playing tennis?
OS: I started playing tennis when I was 5 years old in my birthtown in Romania. I was a very curious child and I wanted to know how tennis is played. And the tennis court was the place that I fell in love with. 

TF:  Do you have any tennis idols growing up?
OS: I was following different players, but I grew up watching Sorana Cirstea going up in the rankings. 

TF: If given a chance, who is your dream doubles partner? How about a mixed doubles partner?
OS: I would like to play doubles with Kim Clijsters as she can teach me more from her experience. Mixed doubles is my favorite part of the game and I would love to share the court with Horia Tecau

Oana in action

TF: What are your goals for the year given that COVID-19 happened? Any particular tournament you want to play or win?
OS: COVID-19 period has been a difficult time and now I would just want to enjoy every trip, every moment on court and to fight in every match. 

TF: What’s your to-go food before and after a tennis match?
OS: Before a match, I like to eat a bar and a banana or a salad depending on the time of the match. After the match, I eat proteins.

TF: What’s your greatest achievement so far in your career?
OS: Reaching number 1 ITF is one of my biggest achievements.

Oana posing with the trophy in one of her tournaments

TF: Any favorite Grand Slam match that you got inspired with?
OS:  A great match from women’s tennis is the final between Halep and Sharapova from Roland Garros back in 2016. 

Fast Ten Questions:

  1. Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal? Roger Federer
  2. Clay or Grass? Clay
  3. Juice or Soda? Soda 
  4. Visors or Bandana? Visors
  5. North America or Europe? Europe 
  6. Favorite Grand Slam? Roland Garros
  7. Ana Ivanovic or Maria Sharapova? Ana Ivanovic
  8. Favorite Color? Purple
  9. Banana or Apple? Banana
  10. Meat or Vegetables? Meat

Thank you, Oana! Good luck with the rest of the season (if it resumes) and to the new season ahead!

Good luck, Oana!

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  1. Nice interview.. I love tennis games but don’t know how to play it.. thanks

  2. I love interviews and learning about the persons being interview. Thanks for this cool interview.

  3. Congratulations to her for an outstanding achievement! Hopefully COVID doesn’t disrupt her upcoming plans and games.

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  5. I love Tennis – I think it’s a totally under rated sport so I also love that you spotlighted Oana! I have never heard of her before!

  6. I really love tennis but I have not seen oana. Yes Maria Sharapova’s story I’ve read and its understandable why people think she’s curt. Oana seems fun to talk to and her answers were crisp.

  7. I like watching tennis competition, and to be attending thr famous Wimbledon is the highlight of my tennis/travel dream. Thanks for sharing her awesome story. I will watch her career.

  8. You are so lucky to have chance to interview her. She sounds like a really down to earth person. I wish her all the best and hopefully I see her play a match soon.

  9. That’s awesome that you got to interview her. We love playing tennis and watches videos of tennis, unfortunately I have not seen her in any of the videos we watched.

  10. That was a fun one and nice to know her more as a person than a sport’s star! I like Rafael Nadal though hahaha.

  11. You must have been thrilled doing this interview. It doesn’t come so often that we get to meet one of the greats, but you did. Congratulations!

  12. Congrats on your interview with Ona. This is a major accomplishment and opportunity!

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  14. I know a few people who play tennis and have also been playing since very young like she has. It’s such a great sport, just one I was never very good at myself.

  15. She’s great and inspiring. thanks for interviewing her. We got a lot of insights form this

  16. My parents were avid tennis players when I was a child. However I was never taught how to play. It was interesting that I was never taught

  17. What an amazing interview.. It’s so nice that you get a chance to interview a popular tennis player..
    I can’t believe she was already into Tennis is such young age.. And it is not surprising why she got such amazing milestone into this field of sport
    Thank you for sharing this interview

  18. I enjoyed watching tennis in my school years, especially the Williams sisters. It’s a long time I haven’t watched tennis and haven’t any info about new players. Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  19. She seems like a very cool player, and humble as well. Kudos to you for this awesome interview!

  20. She sounds amazing! My daughter is 5 years old and I have been thinking if it was ok to start enrolling her in a sports program or if she’s too young for an extracurricular, and a demanding one at that. Interestingly enough, it turns out this is the exact age Oana Simion started!

  21. The interview was super interesting. Obviously it was also a fun one. I absolutely love tennis and I play it with my family members on holidays

  22. Great interview. It’s always fun to find new people and read about their accomplishments.

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