Where to Try the Best Chinese Food in the World?

With so many different food choices all over the world, it’s hard to identify just one national cuisine as your favorite. Still, lots of people love Italian food, while the other prefer Thai, the third stick to Mexican, and the fourth can’t eat anything else but Indian. However, whatever your favorite dishes are, you can’t deny how amazing Chinese food is. It’s the perfect mixture of sweet, savory, spicy, and salty, but what’s even better is how incredibly versatile it is. Combining lots of different ingredients into one compact and cool dish sounds easy, but it’s actually not, so sticking to professionals is much better than preparing these recipes yourself. So, if you’re a fan of Chinese, but still haven’t found out the best place for this food in the world, here are a few suggestions you should consider exploring.


Let’s be honest – the best place to eat Chinese food is China, and that’s a no-brainer. Chinese people know everything there is to know about their national cuisine, and they’re the experts when it comes to enriching old dishes with new flavors. These dishes are different from everything you’ve ever had, including Chinese food you can find in the USA, so it’s definitely worth your time and effort.

Chinese noodles are the best!

Wherever you go, from Shanghai to Beijing and everywhere in between, you’ll find amazing menus is literally every restaurant, café, bar, pub, and every other kind of establishment. This basically means you’ll eat amazing things wherever you go, from local soup dumplings to hairy crab. Of course, if you’re visiting China as a tourist, you might want to plan everything in advance and search for a few well-known establishments in the area you’re visiting. This will help you eat better food and save time thinking about where to go, so get ready on time.


Speaking of the USA, just because Chinese food here is different from Chinese food in China doesn’t mean it’s any less good. On the contrary, Chinese food in certain parts of the USA is much tastier and certainly more versatile than anything you can find in China. That’s why lots of tourists opt for this sort of food when they visit the USA, regardless of the price.

A dumpling soup really makes my day!

There are two reasons why Chinese food in New York and other American places is so great – the chefs and the improvisation. Namely, lots of talented Chinese chefs have constantly been moving to the USA and creating magical dishes there. They rely on their grandmothers’ recipes but aren’t afraid to improvise either. They always throw in something new into the mix, combining tasty ingredients and the influences from other parts of the world. That’s why the American Chinese cuisine is so versatile and amazing, so don’t avoid it when going to the USA.


Luckily for people living in Australia, China is quite close and its influences are rather strong. This is the reason why Chinese food culture is so rich in Australia, particularly in places that are full of Chinese people who have been living there for quite some time. Again, these people aren’t afraid to explore new and unusual ingredients while cooking, so you’ll eat dishes you’ll never forget.

Still, it’s all about who’s preparing your meals and how good they are. Therefore, going to a restaurant instead of preparing food on your own goes a long way and makes much more sense. That way, you can enjoy real Chinese food prepared by the people who know what you’re doing. For instance, you could take a look at the menu at one of those wonderful Chatswood restaurants, such as Mama Mulan, and enjoy some of the best Chinese food in Sydney. Whether it’s brunch, lunch, or dinner, you’ll surely find great meals here, and keep coming back whenever you feel like eating great Chinese food again.


French people are known for being foodies, and the reason for that is quite simple – they’ve been eating amazing food for centuries! An exciting mixture of local ingredients and innovative techniques, France has always attracted lovers of different cuisines, including Chinese. So, if you want to enjoy delicious Chinese food, you don’t have to go to China – just go to France instead.

What is your most favorite Chinese appetizer? I love dumplings!

Paris is, for example, full of great Chinese restaurants, and you can find an exciting establishment basically anywhere you look. But, be prepared for something new as well, because Chinese food here is a bit under the influence of French cooking, so you might be surprised – but in a good way, of course.

Chinese food used to be confined to strict borders back in the day, but now it’s a global phenomenon. That’s why you can enjoy it basically anywhere you go, so don’t be afraid to explore local Chinese restaurants in different parts of the world.

29 thoughts on “Where to Try the Best Chinese Food in the World?”

  1. I would not have thought France and Australia would have great Chinese food! One of my favorite places to get great Chinese food is China town in New York City.

  2. Chinese food in the States IS different than in China (e.g. lo mein). The Chinese food in France sounds really interesting. Next time I’m there, I will have to the Chinese food, influenced by French cuisine.

  3. I really am quite picky when it comes to Chinese food. I have specific restaurants that I go to because they do justice to the cuisine. I would love to visit China just for the food lol.

  4. I just got back from china and I hate to say it, but our local Chinese restaurant in Mandurah, Australia beats what we ate over there! I have Chinese friends and they love it there too.

  5. I love this post! I am a travel blogger and have tried Chinese food in all these countries and you nailed it. China is by far the best place to try it 🙂

  6. China makes the most sense, of course. LOL. At first I was surprised you could get good Chinese food in places like France, but then I thought, “Why not? All countries have all kinds of ethnic food restaurants.”

  7. What? Wow. I love Chinese food so I will bookmark this for later. Excellent roundup. I have never ever ventured to try it outside of Canada and would clearly obviously try it in China.

  8. Dumplings are my favorite chinese appetizer too! good call. i never would have thought of getting chinese in france.

  9. It seems like almost anywhere in the world, you can find a Chinese restaurant but of course, the quality is different. I love Chinese food and I guess I am lucky there is an abundance of authentic Chinese restaurants in my country so I don’t have to fly to China to enjoy their delicious cuisine.

  10. Good to know that there are Chinese foods in almost every corner of the world since I love Chinese foods. I am quite fascinated to know and experience Chinese food with a bit French influence. 🙂

  11. I know that China and USA got amazing Chinese food available but what I didn’t expect is Australia and France to also be one of the places where you can find the best Chinese food. I love dumplings whether it’s fried or soup, it taste delicious!

  12. Ooo we do love a good Chinese. However it is actually pretty hard to find good Chinese food that is authentic xx

  13. Chinese food is one of our favorites! It’s nice to know there are places outside the U.S. that offer delicious Chinese food.

  14. I love Chinese foods especially its aroma. I couldn’t find a good Chinese restaurant nearby and I really miss eating it in the restaurant.

  15. Chinese food is one of my favorite foods. And I am not picky! I love pork and eggs fried rice, beef and broccoli, wontons, orange chicken, and the list goes and on. We have so many awesome Chinese restaurants here in the States. I have one right across the street from my townhome complex, I can walk there in 1 minute haha.

  16. I have several Chinese Restaurants I frequent a lot! My fav dish is Peppersteak!! I also order in from a small Chinese takeout place near where I live—I live in the suburbs of NYC so you know I have a variety of Chinese Restaurants to choose from!

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