Asia’s Broth Queen Goes Live with Heart Evangelista-Escudero for Healthy Living!

Last Monday, September 13, Asia’s Broth Queen, Kim King, went live on the Kim King’s Kitchen Instagram account (@kimkingskitchen) to talk about healthy living, aging well, and the challenges of personal fitness. Kim King’s Kitchen is one of the fastest growing health & wellness companies in the Philippines. From its humble beginnings as a home enterprise that pioneered “The Organic Bone Broth” during the onset of the pandemic, Kim King’s Kitchen has grown into a full-size, end-to-end meal preparation business serving 12,000 meals and 22,000 liters of organic broth to over 4,000 clients.

Have you tried bone broth?

Featuring showbiz royalty, visual artist, and philanthropist Heart Evangelista-Escudero; Kim discussed the benefits of organic bone broths, intermittent/water fasting, and holistic nutrition, as well as Heart’s very own fitness & wellness journey. Heart is a valued client and a staunch advocate of the fasting-focused lifestyle that helped her lose 17 pounds of unhealthy weight and keep up her svelte figure.

Kim King and Heart Evangelista during the Instagram Live.

“Ever since I incorporated broth into my lifestyle, my skin and hair became noticeably healthier and my energy level more stable,” Heart explained. She then lauded Kim King’s Kitchen for taking the concept of a diet and turning it from a chore to an enjoyable journey. “I’m really doing my body a favor by doing something that’s good for me, not just doing something where you’re starving yourself or feeling really weak,” she concluded.

Kim King’s Kitchen is the pioneer of organic bone broths in the country, which is proven to help improve gut health, support the immune system, and lead to better sleep. Kim King’s Kitchen is the market leader in the Fasting Focused Lifestyle, a grounded and dynamic approach to wellness nutrition with proven health benefits for cancer, diabetes, PCOS, and obesity patients and is promoted by renowned medical professionals all over the world and it has set to launch it’s own line of gluten-free breads, kiddie meal plans and women’s health meals among others. Kim King is a Certified Gut Health Coach and Skin-Nutrition Specialist with a Precision Nutrition 1 Certification from the UK and works closely with her clients to create a personalized, holistic wellness plan that will help them reach their personal goals.

On the IG Live session, Kim delved into how close her relationship with Heart was when preparing the actress’ nutrition program. “We’d always talk and discuss about the food she would eat and it even got to the point where I would familiarize myself with her schedule,” Kim explained. “There were times when Heart wanted to do a water cleanse, for example, but I knew she’d be very busy that day so I would recommend something else.”

The live broadcast touched heavily on both water and broth fasting, as well as the steps and benefits of both. When done properly, Kim explained during the live, water fasting can lead to a total body cleanse that leaves a person feeling rejuvenated and helps their body better regulate the food they eat. However, Kim warned against strenuous exercise during the fast and also recommended doing pre-fasting or clean eating first to avoid headaches and/or feeling nauseous. For those completely new to fasting, Kim also recommended starting off first with a broth fast to acclimate the body.

Bone broth is perfect to those who want to lose weight.

Kim’s belief in the importance of healthy living and eating also extends to her own family. Her husband and three daughters have also started eating healthier at her behest, to the point that her children have never had fast food or junk food. She even previously shared that her daughters all enjoy bone broth.

In Heart’s case, she mentioned that her husband Gov. Chiz Escudero became willing to change his diet and lifestyle after sitting down to talk with Kim. “It’s always better when you can start your journey to become healthier together with someone else,” Heart said. “Both my husband and I appreciate Kim’s approach to health—that it isn’t just about becoming skinnier or losing weight, it’s about becoming a happier, better you!”

To know more about the brand, check out Kim King’s Kitchen’s official social media pages:
Facebook: Kim Kings Kitchen
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Website: Kim King’s Kitchen Official Website / Store

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